Posted on: April 19, 2014

Good Morning everyone!


I’ve been in a great mood since having my wee cups of tea again. I won’t drink as much as I used to though…well I’ll try not to.


I spent time with my lovely Anton and cute Callum on Thursday for a while after work while my sister went to the gym. Callum sprained his ankle from a bad fall a couple of days before so I was so afraid of letting him run about. We played with Mario and Luigi, Yoshi and a Mushroom toy for a while, pretending we were in Super Mario Brothers (which Anton can remember lots from after playing it at my house before, including how Yoshi runs if you fall off him and you have to catch him), we walked to the horses and picked some flowers, saw a baby ladybird and they spent ages staring at it while it crawled about in the grass, we played in their back garden on their new swings, slide and trampoline and ate pasta. It was fun but by the time I got home I was wrecked. I went straight to bed for a nap ^.^’


I just wanted to share a cute moment:


Chilling side my side, moments before Callum leaned in for a hug

Chilling side my side, moments before Callum leaned in for a hug


Absolutely love these guys!


Ah, I just saw that I’ve new followers while I was writing this. Thanks!



My blog had taken a bit of a back seat lately due to work, school, placement and all the new anime that’s come out. Right now, I’m half way through Easter break so I’ve had a few extra hours at work and no placement/class so I’ve been hunting for jobs in schools. It feels weird not being at the nursery. I can’t wait to go back!


The last couple of weeks I’ve been dying for a cup of tea and a pancake. I’ve literally been counting down the days for lent to end and made sure Chris brought home semi-skimmed milk last night so that I could have a nice cup of tea this morning. Having this cup of tea for the first time in 6 weeks is amazing. I didn’t get a pancake but I did get a bap with flour on the top so I don’t mind. Ah, life is good.


I’ll be back to posting again soon!


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Spring is here and the days are getting longer. The clocks have gone forward again already…


Last week, my sister took me up on my offer to clean with her for the day. She picked me up by half 10, both boys in the car because poor wee Anton wasn’t well. We got back to hers and set to work.


We scrubbed the tiled walls in the kitchen , all of the kitchen appliances, doors, skirting boards, radiators… Downstairs sparkled. Callum decided to help out since my sister usually gets them to help with chores. He asked for a sponge and water. Well, didn’t I make the mistake of giving him his own water. He had the floor soaked. And himself. He splashed in it and played saying “a clean” all pleased with himself. Of course he got told off. I have to say though, he helped me a good bit. He sat beside me and scrubbed the wall (where he had drawn with crayon) and then the door while Anton got some rest. At one point Anton wanted to help but after doing a tiny bit with me he lay back down. I felt bad for him not being well. It’s never nice to see a child ill. As he watched us clean, he said “Natalie, are you going to clean upstairs?” I said yea and he asked “Will you clean my room please?” He may be ill but he’s smart enough to ask for his room to be cleaned so he wouldn’t have to do it.


However, by the time we got upstairs we had given up on cleaning and just tidied. Next time we will have to work on cleaning upstairs. We did do a little clear out of her wardrobe though. I got 3 cardigans from it. It’s so handy having a sister. The cardigans look nice and they’re plain so I can wear them with most things. I had been thinking about how I wanted cardigans lately actually so I’m pretty happy.


I’ll post again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/



So, last week I was babysitting Callum so that Anton could go to football. Callum thought he was going somewhere too and said ”shoes” and ”coat” and ”hat”. His face when he learnt we weren’t going out…


SInce he already had shoes on and kept asking to go outside, I asked where he thought he was going. He looked at me, took a couple of steps and said ”c’mon”, taking me to the living room window and pointing to my car. I told him we weren’t going anywhere in the car today so he said “Outside. Ball!” Eventually, I gave in and we went out.


He was so excited, doing little hop/run out of the door and then ran about with me, laughing. Only when he saw horses in a field did he decide he wanted to go there instead. However, since I had no key to lock the front door, I had to say no. “A neigh! Go!” he said, pointing. How was I going to keep him occupied?


Luckily for me, I had an idea. I grabbed my car keys and let him play inside the car. It was great since it was warm inside the car and we could sit down. He climbed about the back of the car before deciding he wanted in the front. I sat in my seat and let him sit on my knee, letting him think he was driving (I’ll just point out that I didn’t actually move the car at all.) He loved it. He was making car noises and giggling away, opening the windows and closing them then dancing to music. He had such a great time, talking away and being a wee monkey. He tried on my sunglasses and my actually glasses, smiling for photos and saying hi to the camera. In fact, when he said he wanted to throw the ball, I suggested getting out of the car to play with it but he refused! He would not get out of the car even when he saw Mummy and Anton coming home. I asked if he wanted to see them and he said no. He was so content to play in the car.


2014-03-25 14.39.17

Look, I can drive. There’s a pedal down there.


I managed to get him out by asking if he wanted to see the horses. He was out in seconds ^.^


We walked to the horses, him holding my hand and talking the whole way. He did fall once because he tripped over his own foot and wasn’t sure whether to cry or not, telling me “sore.” I checked his knee and told him he was ok and he was brave for not crying which brightened him up. We stood looking at the horses for a few minutes with him calling them closer. He refuses to say horse though he knows the word. It has to be “a neigh” everything is ‘a’ at the minute too e.g. “A neigh. A clean” On the way back he said he wanted to go back to the horses tomorrow. “A me. A Nanat (his name for me). A Neigh. A ball” “You want me and you to go to the horses again to show them your ball?” “Yes!” and told me “Tomorrow.” I had to laugh. He’s so good at speaking in sentences now and can clearly say what he wants. He understands so much. He had carried his ball the whole time we were outside. I told him it was yellow and he even copied. I asked if he could see anything else yellow. He looked around and smiled saying “Ball!” I laughed and said yea but anything else? Again, he looked around, thinking. “That!” he exclaimed, pointing at a dandelion. I praised him and he began “That, and that, and that. Where’d they go?” as we passed the dandelions. Ah he’s such a cutie. As soon as he saw the house he said no. He knew we were going inside. He said outside, pointing as if to say no say out here, hoping I would give in. It was getting cold though and I needed to get to school.


Funny thing is, I went to my sisters the next day and what had he been saying all morning? He was telling his mummy that he and I were going to the horses with the ball. He’s really a wee cutie.


I’ll post again soon.


Byebye (^.^)/



Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummy’s out there. Have you received anything nice?


On Friday night, I sat making cards for my sister. One from each of her boys so that they could say something to their mummy. This year I’ve decided to personalise their cards by drawing around their hands and using it on the front of their cards. I was suprised at how still the boys kept their hands while I drew around them. Here’s how the cards turned out:



I put glue on the wrong side of Antons hand =[

I put glue on the wrong side of Antons hand =[


Inside Callums card it reads:


To Mummy,

This is how big my hand was on our second Mothers Day. I’m almost 2 now. I even picked a present for you myself! I was a good boy and picked something together with Anton too.

Mummy, thank you for always looking after me and making my food…even though I chuck it or don’t eat it all. I know right now I have tantrums if I don’t get my way or if you don’t let me have crisps every time I ask but keep it up, ‘ll thank you for it when I’m older.

Thank you for tidying and cleaning all the time. You work hard for me and Anton. I’ll do my best to help you and pay you back for your efforts when I’m older.

I really love you Mummy. I know I fight with Anton and that I can be cheeky (I blame the ‘terrible two’s’) and that I can drive you nuts some days but you are always there when I need you. You comfort me when I’m sad or hurt and have taught me so much. I’m really glad that you’re my Mummy.

Love Callum x

Anton told me what he wanted to write. It’s nice hearing his thoughts. He’s grown up so much. He talked about thank you for making me dinner and then for dessert and for getting him Angry Bird socks (he wanted to write thank you for telling Callum off but no way was I including that!)


Left: Callum’s present Right Anton’s present Candle: picked together

2014-03-29 12.58.25

I used something different for each of the presents so that I knew what present was what.


We also got some face and foot mask packs and some strawberry bonbons to add in with the candle. I also decided to make a flower arrangement with Anton and Callum. Anton gave up after a couple of minutes though and Callum kept putting the flowers in then out and plucked the petals saying “for you”, sliding them over to me. I think he really just wanted to play with the sponge and water.


2014-03-29 14.53.53


I also went shopping for Chris to get his presents for his Mum. He gave me a list and off I went. Here’s what he’s given her:


Filled with a massive bar of Galaxy chocolate, a share bag of Malteasers and Fantasy by Britney Spears

Filled with a massive bar of Galaxy chocolate, a share bag of Malteasers and Fantasy by Britney Spears



2014-03-29 16.21.44



I had to pick the most expensive flowers in Tesco. I spent ages looking at their selection (which was massive btw) and didn’t know what to pick…until I spotted this one.  I just knew these were the right flowers. His sister also picked flowers from a florist so the house is full of flowers right now. It looks cute and girly ^.^


Enjoy the rest of your day


Byebye (^.^)/



It’s Mothers Day tomorrow so if you haven’t found a perfect present yet, here are some ideas:


1. DVD of Memories – Make your own DVD with photo’s and video clips, using a song that is memorable for you. You can also add personal messages

2. Body Scrub – Make your own (recipes can be found on my blog!)

3. Cupcake Bouquet – Super cute. A tutorial can be found here

4. Cook Her Favourite Meal – Let her rest for the day and cook her favourite food (you could do a test run beforehand if you haven’t made it before)

5. Hand Made Vouchers – How about creating your own vouchers which she can redeem at any time e.g. ‘This voucher entitles you to one day of rest, I will do all of the cleaning for you while you put your feet up”

6. Teacup Candles - Pick up an old teacup from a thrift shop and get started!

7.Children’s Hand Cookies - Great for getting your kids involved.


All of these are simple and cheap so if you’re stuck, why not try some of these?



Byebye (^.^)/



Stuck for ideas on what to give for Mothers Day? You think flowers seem too normal? How about adding a personal touch?


After seeing what the children in nursery were making for their Mummys, I decided to make one for myself using the leftovers (that’s why I had to use those massive leaves). I think it’s a cute way to give flowers as a present as you can use their favourite flowers/colours  and you can even get children involved which is great for keeping them occupied. All you need are flowers, different types of leaves, a small tub, tape, scissors and a wet sponge. First, put the sponge into the tub and tape it together. Now all you need to do is cut flowers to make them short and arrange them along with the leaves however you like. How simple is that? It’s inexpensive too which is great for those who are waiting for pay day.


2014-03-28 14.20.58


If you like, you can even add a little note. Simply get a green ice lolly stick and stick on a laminated note, positioning it in the center/back of your flower arrangement. Who wouldn’t be happy receiving something that their child has made and possibly helped to pick the flowers of?




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