So, The Luck Uglies giveaway is closed and a winner has been picked. I feel a bit bad that this book didn’t have as much interest but at least there was still some.


Congratulations Diamond from Dee’s reads , you are the winner! Just get in contact with your address so that I can get the book sent to you =]



How do you guys feel about the Kimono trend that’s been going around? At first I didn’t like it but when I was shopping a couple of months ago, I saw one that I just loved. My twin sister on the other hand very much disliked it and tried to tell me not to buy it. Did I listen? Of course not. I was bringing it home no matter what. What I love about it is that it’s just enough to cover my arms in the sun as I burn so easily but it doesn’t make me too warm. The only downside is that our puppy loves the tassles and tries to eat them whenever I wear it. Unfortunately, I only got to wear it a couple of times after buying it because our weather turned cold and rainy again for a few weeks. However, now that the heat is back it’s my favourite thing to wear.


2014-06-08 13.55.18




I bought the kimono and the pink top in Quiz for £24.99 and £7.99. Jeans are my usuals and shoes are from Dunnes.





Who likes Transformers? Of course you do, it’s massive robots fighting robots. Do you know what’s even better? Massive robots riding robot dinosaurs into battle. Yup, that’s exactly what happens in Transformers: Age Of Extinction. Chris and I went on a date to see it and we were not disappointed.





I don’t really care for the new human characters though. There’s no way that girl can play a 17 year old. It doesn’t seem convincing at all. Other than that though it’s seriously good. Go watch it.



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Last week I had a date with Anton. I got to fulfill my promise of taking him to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. I picked an early showing so the cinema was empty which was perfect for when you have a child with you. On the way there Anton had a singing and dancing session in his seat to a CD I’d made for him. It included songs from Pokémon, Digimon, Ben 10, Power Rangers, TMNT… a few Disney songs, you get the idea. He was absolutely loving it. He asked for a certain song to be put back on a few times because he loved it so much.


He talked away before the movie started, super excited but impatient asking “why has the movie not started?” over and over. I had to warn him to be quiet when the movie started. He agreed but spoke every now and then in his excitement. I had to stop myself from laughing when he shouted “That’s what I’m talking about!” during a cool scene. Luckily there were other families with small children in there so it wasn’t too bad. I even enjoyed the movie myself. I love Toothless. He’s a cute dragon. When the movie was over, Anton didn’t want to leave. He kept saying he wanted to watch another movie now. I had to actually lift him from his seat and carry him out of the screening room. Dear love him, he thought we could watch lots of movies in one go. However, he did understand and we went back to the car with him doing a wee dance and asking for the Power Rangers song.


Anton had enjoyed himself so much that he fell asleep on the way home. I had to stop my the shopping centre to get my sisters birthday present and he was still asleep by the time we got there. I woke him but he was still half asleep so I ended up carrying him in. Not an easy task when hes over half my height. Together we chose the ‘Quietly’ figure by Willow Tree. I knew she had wanted a figure and this one just seemed to match as it would represent her, Anton and Callum. I put Anton down for two minutes to pay only to turn around and see him sleeping on the floor in the shop! I woke him up and picked him up straight away, a little embarrassed but the employee understood as she was a mother.


After buying the present, I remembered something. Last time I got my sister a present, Anton told her what it was as soon as he got home. Uh oh. I asked him to keep it a secret for Mummys birthday and he said OK. Y’know what? He did just that even when my sister was fishing for information from him. I was so proud =] He seemed pretty proud too going by the little smile on his face. Callum on the other hand…let’s just say I wouldn’t trust him to keep a secret yet. Maybe in about two more years.



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The Half A King giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. I’ve gathered up all the entries and got Chris to choose a winner:


Congratualtions Harri Owen!


You have 48 hours to respond and tell me your address so that I can get the book sent to you.


Don’t worry if you didn’t win guys, you can buy the book here.


Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of The Luck Uglies in my other giveaway (open until 28.08.14)



I was kindly sent this book along with Half A King a couple of weeks ago to review and do a giveaway.The Luck Uglies is the first book in the trilogy by Paul Durham. I decided to spend today reading the rest of this book as I had started it as soon as I had finished Half A King but hadn’t gotten very far into it during the week. I’ll keep this post short as it’s already so late on in the day (night technically). Here’s the plot:


Luck Uglies was a name whispered around the docks and darkest taverns, places law dare not tread…

Rye has grown up hearing the legend of the Luck Uglies – notorious outlaws who once stalked the streets – but she’s not convinced that they ever really existed. Then on the night of the Black Moon a mysterious stranger steps from the shadows to save Rye’s life and a thrilling adventure begins.

Rye will need all her courage as she unveils a secret world, discovers the truth behind the legends, and learns that sometimes it takes a villain to save you from the monsters…


I found it easy to read for a long time, hardly putting the book down at all today because I was so into it that I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. Were the Bog Noblins going to get someone or would they be saved? I had suspicions about Ryes mother and her connections to the Bog Noblins from the first chapter due to her ‘house rules’ and behaviours. The characters are easy to imagine from the descriptions which helps to keep interest. To me, Constable Boil looked like this:





Harmless on the other hand reminded me of Gildarts from Fairy Tail in a way. While reading, I began to feel sympathy towards Leatherleaf. Sure, he tried to harm Rye in the beginning but was he really a bad guy? I was wishing for him to be safe by the end of the book. It had a few twists which were good. I think the book is great for young readers which is the intended audience but adults would enjoy it too. When the second book of the trilogy is released, I will definitely read it. You can buy the book here.


Guess what? I’m also doing a giveaway of this book! Two giveaways in one month? Crazy right?


The rules are the same as the previous giveaway. You must comment on this post to be entered into the giveaway. Likes/shares will give you extra entries.


Giveaway closes on 28/07/14


The winner will be announced on the 29th July and will have 48 hours to respond. If they do not respond in time, another winner will be chosen.


Also, tomorrow is the last day to enter the Half A King giveaway so if you haven’t entered yet, head over now for your chance to win a copy of the book.



Good Luck!



As I have already mentioned, I spent a lot of time shopping in England. 2 days actually. We decided on shopping in the city centre on the last day a we had to bring our luggage with us so getting on a bus to somewhere further away would have been a pain.  Remember how I spent ages in Primark in Nottingham? Well, I went and spent another hour and a half to two hours in the Primark in Derby city centre. Overall I spent almost £200 in Primark alone. I think there were only 3 tops that weren’t from Primark. Since Chris and I were sharing a suitcase, I bought a bag for Chris to carry on so that our suitcase wouldn’t be over the weight limit. Even at that, I ended up putting things in my friends suitcase as well as filling my handbag. Here is what I bought:


IMG-20140709-WA0002 IMG-20140709-WA0001


I also bought nose studs at a market because I had lost mine that morning. That day I spent a lot more time sitting down as my friend wanted to look at material in the markets and I was tired. I did have a quick look around the stalls though because it was my first time at such big markets. Before going heading to the airport we took another look around the shopping mall. It was so huge that we couldn’t go into every shop but we did cover most of them. I made sure to find presents for Anton and Callum before we headed home. Anton wanted Ninjago so I spent ages looking for it. Thank goodness I found some in one of the last shops we went to. I had actually been looking for Bleach: Shattered Blade for the Wii because I knew he really wanted that game but it wasn’t in any of the Game shops so I had to give up on that idea. I brought the presents over to the boys on Wednesday night and they loved them. Anton loved his Ninjago so much that he wanted me to build them with him right then even though it was late. I made the first thing (a robot) quite quickly so my sister said he could go to bed after the other thing was built. What a mistake. It took hours. It had so many more pieces and by the end of it I couldn’t see properly. Anton didn’t go to bed until after midnight. He made sure to stay awake until it was finished and even helped me build parts of it. Now, the figures are sitting on the shelf in his room. It’s strange because that shelf had baby things on it like a blue teddy and little snow globes and a photo and suddenly its got Lego figures on it. It makes you realise just how fast he’s growing up. In other great news, Anton now has a blue cast on that lasts for 2 weeks and then he can be cast free!


2014-07-10 00.15.52 2014-07-09 21.08.04 erfsfasgfolhf2014-07-10 00.15.43   2014-07-09 22.37.21




Since I just love all my readers so much, I also bought a few things in England for a giveaway. I’ll host the giveaway in a few weeks because I’m already hosting a giveaway at the minute for Half A King by Joe Abercrombie. The closing date for that giveaway ends on 21st July so enter while you can!



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