It’s finally time for the giveaway I have been trying to do for months. I bought everything when I was in England back at the beginning of July but since I was doing a couple of book reviews, I’ve held back on starting this giveaway.


The rules are simple:


  1. Comment on this post. You must do this in order to be entered.
  2. After commenting, feel free to like and share the giveaway. You will earn a bonus entry for each. So, if you comment, like and share, you will have 3 entries.


I will leave the giveaway open until 30/09/14



What’s the prize?


A bracelet, a cute pair of fashion socks, handy note pad and I guess you could call it a travel pouch with 3 compartments? Sorry I don’t know the proper name. You’ll see what I mean though from the photo:


2014-08-22 10.44.29



Good luck!




Do people wear their ‘Sunday best’ to go to church where you are? It’s generally an unspoken rule around here but I usually just wear whatever I feel like because at the end of the day, I’m still going for the same reason as others so why should it matter what I wear? Well, last week I was feeling like dressing up a bit so I decided to wear this:





Dress: TKMaxx £19.99

Shoes £24.99 New Look



I must have given my friends in church a shock because they said I looked ‘pretty today’ and that I usually wear trousers so it was a ‘nice change’.




I know I had said that I wouldn’t buy anything now since I’m saving but look what I came across online. I had to have it.



2014-08-08 13.59.00



Seriously, it’s Attack on Titan. I absolutely love it. I had actually spotted it months ago but never bought it but then I found it being sold more cheaply on eBay and bought it then and there. I especially chose green so that I could feel like I was in the survey corps while I wore it. I’m such a wierdo. The day it arrived I actually went ‘squee’ a bit. Y’know what? It’s super comfy and just right for the in-between weather. I’m 100% glad that I bought it. Now I just need another season to be released so that I can watch Attack on Titan again. I doubt a second season will arrive any time soon though. Even so, I’ll wait for a second season instead of reading the manga. I’ve already spoiled a bit by finding out who the armoured titan is and got annoyed at myself for doing that so I definitely won’t try to find out anything else.



Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks:



1. New job – I’m now a classroom assistant so I had a week of training before the children started back where I got to know the staff. It’s a nice school and I’ve gotten used to most of the daily work. I was shy at first but now that it’s the 2nd week of children being back, I’ve gotten to know a lot of names and faces from my class and others. We do different zones for games and activities outside and that has helped me to get to know a lot of children which is great. I’d love to teach dances to the kids but right now it’s still hectic so I’ll wait and see what the zone is like in a few more weeks after the hype has died down a bit. I’m still making a few mistakes but I’ll get there.



2. Spent the weekend with Anton and Callum – My sister was going away overnight so we had a sleepover at her house. Anton was super excited. I took them to C+J’s animal park and have a picnic. It was cold and rained a bit but we had a good time. Anton and I even stroked a little crocodile! Callum had the fright of his life twice when we were there. Naomi went with us so that we could take one each if they ran off in different directions so she was carrying Callum. Just as we walked past them, two started fighting and making really loud screechy noises. Well, didn’t Callum jump out of his skin. Honestly it was so funny that I couldn’t even ask if he was OK without laughing. He came over to me and clung so tightly, telling me he was scared and not to laugh, poor guy. Just before that he had a scare when sheep suddenly baa’d beside him. Anton loved the snake but we didn’t get to touch it. After we got back we watched a movie with popcorn, made buns and made a fort. All fun things for these guys. Both boys were completely wrecked so they fell asleep within minutes of being put to bed. The next night, even though their parents were back, Callum asked if I was staying for a sleepover again while I was putting him to bed and drew a picture happily, wiggling away and told me it was him Anton and me and then the animals. Anton didn’t want me to leave either. Such cuties.



3. Gym - OK I admit I’ve been slacking with this one. Before starting my job I was going almost every day. Since work started I only go once or twice a week. I’ve really got to get back into it again. As far as the diet goes….I’ve derailed almost completely. Even today, I had 3 donuts for my break! Clean and lean is starting up again soon so I’ll have to get back on it for that.



However, I have still been thinking about my blog and have been taking photos for it. My phones pretty much given up on life and is going nuts vibrating for no reason/turning itself off and not recognising when I type so it’s been a pain to even get the photos off my phone (linking it up to the computer doesn’t work any more either) so there’s a whole backlog of posts to catch up on!

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So, as you know I have been trying out the Paleo diet. While it can be hard to not have tea/bread/biscuits and the like, it does work. I’ve also realised that I actually don’t really enjoy junk food that much now and the same with tea. However, it would be nice if I could eat something considered a ‘clean’ cheat. That is where my problem starts.


Basically all of the fatty foods that we can have are nuts. Chris and his sister get to sit and munch on some kind of healthy bar that they have made from nuts. I can’t. I’m allergic to nuts so finding something nice to munch on that is still paleo as a cheat is hard. I mean I can eat apples and all that but that’s not going to help my craving is it? One thing I did try to make was vegetable crisps. I mean they were fine but they’re not really satisfying. I’ve searched a lot for things I could eat but when I read the ingredients for recipes that say ‘nut free’, they are not nut free. Has anyone any suggestions or recipes that they could share with me?



For the past few months my phone has had a mind of its own, deleting all of my photo’s and music randomly. It sometimes turns itself off and when I finally get it to turn back on, it will have deleted it all so that there are 120 photos left/no music. I’ve given up on even trying to fix it. Instead, I’m thinking of getting a new mobile. I don’t like iPhones, I find them a waste of money and honestly, they’re no good to me since they break so easily as I’m always dropping things. I’ve had a Blackberry and it gave me so many problems as well so I don’t want to go back to one of those. I’m fine with touch screen since my current mobile is a Samsung Galaxy Ace.


Any suggestions on what would be good?



Only a couple more weeks until I start my new job. I’m pretty excited. Since I’ll be working in a school again, I bought a lot of new clothes in England, most of which I could wear in the school. Only when I came back did I see that I would, in fact, be getting a uniform top to wear. Well, there goes my new outfits. At least I still have new clothes to wear. Now that I’m saving though I won’t be buying any more clothes for a long time. I’ve no room left in my wardrobe anyway. Seriously.


Here’s one of my favourite new outfits:


2014-07-18 11.40.19


I paired the outfit with my new shoes from Primark – suede pumps with a knotted bow. On a side note, hasn’t my dip dye gotten quite dark? Most of it has been cut out now. Should I redo it?


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