Good morning my lovelies. Tomorrow is the last day of the April Blogging Challenge. Have you enjoyed reading/taking part? I have enjoyed myself. It was really the push that I needed to write more regularly. I’ll admit that I did schedule some posts as I was off work for Easter and had more time to sit and think about what to write than if I had tried to write something before going to work.

I’m sorry, I know we are almost finished but I can’t write about my job. I work with children so I have to abide by the confidentiality policy to keep them (and myself) safe. Instead, let me just say that I really enjoy my job. Every day is different and fun. There are times when you feel tired when you get home, as you do with any job, but it’s so rewarding to do what I do. I love thinking of activities to do and sometimes try them out with my nephews first to see how they go.

I’ve started thinking about sharing my activity ideas on my blog. If I try something different and interesting with my nephews and it seems like they enjoy it I should take photos as well as if I come up with any fun ways to get children to do chores. Would you like to see activity ideas to do with your children in some of my posts?

I’ll see you tomorrow for our final day of the challenge!


Posted on: April 29, 2015

Good morning guys.

I’m sorry for not keeping up with my daily posts as I had planned. Since last week a lot of stuff has gone on and its left me feeling quite down so I haven’t wanted to write. I do have tomorrows post scheduled and have had for a while now so it’s still going to be up in the morning but I’ll have to try to do the rest of the posts during May. Sorry if I’ve let you down.

Hey, I know it’s getting late but I’m back to do my day 23 on the challenge.  The topic this time is to tell everyone about a childhood memory you are fond of. I think I’ve actually done a post similar to this where I wrote about Christmas as a child. However, tonight I want to tell you about something I used to dream about quite often as a child. To this day, I can still remember the details of the dream.

As a child, I was the youngest and would often argue with my sisters as I was the one who wouldn’t usually hit back. During my dream, if I had a fight with my sisters or if something had bothered me, I would go into the back garden and look up to see this cloud that was pretty low down; the type of cloud you would draw as a child. A door would open and God would be standing there smiling, telling me to come in. Sometimes it was Gods wife who would tell me to come in. I would go up these little cloud steps and into this cloud that was Gods home. Inside it wasn’t very big but it had a really warm atmosphere. There was a little kitchen in the right corner which you could see from the door. God sat in the left corner at the other end of the cloud in a rocking chair beside a small dining table where I would sit and eat mashed potato, beans and sausages (my favourite meal when I was a child). I would spend hours chatting to God while sitting on his knee about anything and everything, particularly what had bothered me. He would read me stories and laugh while his wife cleaned the kitchen after making me the meal, before coming to rest in a chair herself. After a while, it would be time to go back into my own house so I would walk to the door with God, smile and wave goodbye before leaving his cloud house. I didn’t go back down the cloud steps, God would gently lower me to the grass in my garden and send me on my way, watching me as I went back into my house with a smile.

I really love how, as a child, I would turn to God even in my dreams if something had upset me. Little me had such a big love for God and always woke up feeling happy after that dream. I think I remember so much about the dream because of how much significance it had for me as a child and I still am fond of the memory 20 years later. I hope that some day I can raise a child to feel what I felt in my dream in their own everyday lives

Good morning.

I’ve done it again with my posts. I forgot to do it yesterday as I was out running about with my car trying to get it sorted before work and was roasted and tired when I got home from work. We’ve had such great weather the past week or so. I should enjoy today though because tomorrow is supposed to be rainy.

Day 22 of the April Blogging Challenge was: What type of YouTube videos do you watch the most often? The type I watch changes quite often. Here’s a list of my most watched videos:

  • NicoNicoDouga dances
  • Ellen Degeneres

  • Anime theme songs

Right now, I’m listening to Shokugeki no Souma’s ending theme. But lately I’ve been listening to normal music like this:

Catchy summer tunes since the weathers so good. To be fair though, the amount of time I spend on YouTube has gone down as I have so much anime to catch up on when I get out of work (or have something to watch with Chris on his screen). Right now, YouTube keeps crashing when I try to find a NicoNicoDouga video so I’ll have to try again later.

Good morning everyone. I’m so sorry I totally forgot to do yesterdays post so today I will do two to make up for it.

Day twenty’s topic was: Something we have learnt this year. We’re only 4 months into the year but we learn something every day. I’ve found some things this year but the one I’m going to share today is that I found out what a superfood is.

Seriously. I had heard about these things called superfoods for a long time and always thought to myself “what on earth is a superfood. What is so special about it? Well, simply put, it’s a food with lots more nutrients and stuff in it than usual. Like tomatoes. Now that I know which foods are really good for you I’m trying to eat more of them. I’ve been having a lot of bananas, spinach leaves and tomatoes lately. I wasn’t sure I’d actually like the spinach leaves but they’re not really strongly flavoured so it’s great.

I have to keep this short and sweet. I haven’t finished getting ready for work yet >.<

Back on track for the challenge. Today our topic is: Your most painful injury. I’m lucky that I haven’t actually ever been injured badly. I’ve never broken a bone Well, apparently I broke a toe years ago but it healed itself without me realising it was broken. It was sore but the pain went away within a couple of days so I didn’t think it’d be broken and it wasn’t super painful. If I had to think of something I would say when I fell down the stairs a few years ago and hit my back. I ended up getting an x-ray on it after squealing the house down in pain. I had damaged some muscle in my back or something. I can’t remember now but they gave me painkillers and sent me on my way. Now, I don’t take tablets but the pain was so bad to sit and walk about to the point where I actually tried to take the tablets. I remember going out to town with Chris and a few friends since it was nice weather (I didn’t want to sit in the house, I wanted to see my boyfriend!) but we walked up the river path and I mean I was in so much pain I wanted to cry. I did everything I could to not cry but ended up slowing down to the point of hardly moving. Chris realised and told everyone else so that I wouldn’t get left behind. I think I got carried for a bit in the end. How embarrassing.

I’ll do my best to write tomorrows topic tomorrow. I’ll have to really remind myself about it. I’ve got a few things I want to chat about after the challenge is over so look forward to it!

Hello everyone. It’s another lovely morning. I’ve just had my Sunday morning fix of Post Secret. I love reading the different posts. I think its a nice idea to be able to share a secret anonymously as it can lift the weight off some peoples shoulders. People can share secrets with strangers on the internet that they probably wont meet in real life..well, at least know that they’ve met them. They may have served you coffee at Starbucks and neither of you would know their secret was read by the other person. That’s just what happens when you go on the internet. At times, we talk with others online and build up an online friendship. However, from a young age we are taught not to meet up with people that we talk to online. Why? Well, can we really be sure that the person we are talking to is who they say they are? What would happen if we actually met up with an online friend?

I agree that it can be dangerous meeting with an online friend but sometimes we have to take a risk. As you know, Chris and I went to Germany and met two of his online friends (who were from Denmark and Norway). It was a big risk going to a country where we knew nobody nor the language and even shared an apartment with these guys. Anything could have happened but it didn’t. Both guys were pretty normal and we all got along. I’m not saying for you to pack your bags and go meet that person in another country like we did but do take a risk. It could all be fine. Just make sure you’re somewhere with a lot of people and ideally, not in a foreign country although that’s not always possible as we can connect with people all over the world online.

You’ve probably guessed by now that today’s topic is to pick 5 online friends you would like to meet in real life. I actually find this a bit tricky as I don’t really have online friends. I have people whose blogs I really enjoy and who used to talk to me regularly through our blogs comment sections but they’ve disappeared over the years. Some decided to stop blogging altogether and others simply vanished one day. If I had to choose, the five people I would like to meet are:

  1. ‘Happiness’ from Lang-8: She is from Japan and helps me to learn on the site. I took a break for about a year but as soon as I wrote one entry a couple of weeks ago, she was the first to contact me welcoming me back and saying how she’s glad I’m back as if she missed me. I don’t have enough skill to converse in Japanese yet though.
  2. The blogger behind poundlandprincess. I never learned her name but we spent a lot of time chatting in our comments until one day 2 years ago, she disappeared. Lately I’ve been thinking about her and I hope she is well. I would like to meet her to see if she is OK as at the time she disappeared, she had a lot of things going on.
  3. Ashee from cupcakesakura: When I was just starting out my blog, we talked often and discovered we both worked in TKMAXX at the time (in different locations but both in Northern Ireland). After a year or so she decided to stop blogging and do other things with her life. I’d love to see how she’s doing now as she was a lovely girl and my first blogging friend.
  4. Martin
  5. Thomas

OK so numbers 4 and 5 are the two we went to Germany to meet and they’re also going to Japan with us so I’m kind of cheating but I don’t have anyone else >.< I feel like a creep for my choices though. Honestly, I’d just like to get in touch with them to see how they’re doing now and check everyone’s alright. Am I a creep?

Hey everyone.

Today, the challenge involves talking about our views on religion. For some reason, when people try to talk about religion it ends up a heated discussion with people of different religions trying to pick holes in each other. I don’t want this post to end up like that.

I’ll keep this post short and simple. I do believe there is a God. I am a christian and have been going to a Pentecostal church for the past 9 years now. I have met many people who will go around the town ministering to ‘non believers’, encouraging them to come to the church in hopes of them making the decision to follow God and its great how they have the confidence to do that when there are troubles in the town. In my town there is a ‘Protestant area’ and ‘Catholic area’. Usually you wouldn’t want to walk into an area where you knew if you revealed which area you were from you could get attacked. Well, I heard of one young girl from my church and two friends walking straight into the park where they sat beside a man and started asking him to come to the church and his views on God. Even when the man asked which side they were from, one of the girls did not move even though it seemed as if they were about to be attacked. She said she wasn’t from the area and continued to minister to this man. That’s pretty brave.

Personally, while I believe there is a God and do go to church, I won’t force my beliefs on others as I firstly, wouldn’t have the confidence and secondly, wasn’t brought up in a household where we were taught much about God so seeing all these people going out and openly talking about their beliefs in a real enthusiastic way is a bit alien to me. It’s great that they were brought up in a way that allows them to have that confidence to speak to random people about God and are surrounded by friends who all feel the same way as them as it will help them to grow in their relationship with God. I don’t condone it at all. Their actions could change someone elses life for the better. I think that everyone is free to choose what religion to follow or if they want to follow any at all.


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