Continuing with my favourite animes of the season, today I will be posting about Shokugeki No Soma.

Sōma Yukihira has been working in his Dads small restaurant since he was a young boy, learning the tricks of the trade and loving cooking. He had competitions with his Dad over who made the best dish which a customer would judge. One day he got a call from his whimsical Dad. He had decided to temporarily close the restaurant and go on a journey, had gotten Sōma into a famous cooking school and said he would leave some money to cover expenses. The school just happens to be the most famous and hardest school to complete with 99% failure rate. There, on his first day he pretty much makes an enemy of the entire student body by saying he will be the number 1 chef. However, he does make some friends at the dorm he is staying in and learns a bit more about the school. Within a short time he takes part in his first Shokugeki and wins. Now, he’s at a training camp where a lot of students will be expelled. As he tries, one of his friends get failed and was told she would be leaving. Soma being a man, steps in and challenges, get this, an alumni of the school who just so happens to be a famous chef in Paris. Really? That’s some guts. Obviously they fail the shokugeki. However, in a twist of fate, someone starts the ball rolling by putting a silver coin on their plate meaning one vote for them to win. He also gives a coin to another alumni who places her coin down. Now, it’s 2 coins to 3. Finally, he does this speech to the man who was challenged and the chef actually puts his coin on Soma and his friends plate meaning the shokugeki ends in a tie and the students can stay. What a close call. Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if that didn’t happen. Since it ended in a draw does it mean his cooking is on par with a professional? Will he become the number 1 chef in the school? Exciting times are ahead!

In the beginning I wasn’t fond of the anime due to the amount of ‘reaction to food’ scenes. They were so overdone and…silly. Now, that seems to be toned down a lot and focuses more on the story which is great. Again, I love the opening and ending.

Good morning everyone.

Today is day 2 of a round up of my favourite animes. Today I’m posting about Owari No Seraph.

Once upon a time there were humans and vampires. One day, vampires decided to invade and capture all human children. Well, some were captured others killed. Why? A virus was causing humans over a certain age to die. Vampires would have no food if they didn’t take some to ‘keep them safe from harm’. Among the children was a group of children from an orphanage. Mika being the oldest wanted to do what he could for his family so willingly went to a noble vampires place and had his blood sucked, stealing a map and the vampires gun in return. One night, the family decided to escape. However, just as they were approaching the exit, the noble vampire showed up. Of course he had known what was going on the whole time and thought it was a fun game. Long story short, he killed all of the children bar one. Yūichirō. Yūichirō is a fiesty guy and shoots the vampire for killing his family that came to mean so much to him in the short time they were together. He was traumatised seeing their deaths and blames himself for running away and leaving them all. Now, he is hell bent on revenge and joins the moon demon company, obtaining a cursed weapon – Asuramaru. He gains a new ‘family’ in this moon demon company (his team) and together they begin the fight against the vampires. However, the nobles are out in full force and pretty much ruin the humans fighting them. Yūichirō takes this pill that is meant to help him ‘activate’ more demon power from Asuramaru but guess what? Turns out he isn’t fully human and whatever it is inside him goes nuts. Oh and don’t forget this little twist. Mika was saved on the verge of death by the vampire Queen and is now a vampire who believes Yūichirō is being used and wants to save him from the humans. They meet in battle only when Yūichirō sticks his sword through Mika to save the commander…before realising it’s Mika. Now, they know each other is alive and on opposing sides. What will happen? Will Mika kill the humans to save Yūichirō? Will Yūichirō try to save Mika from the vampires or will he also kill him? What is the thing inside Yūichirō? I can’t wait to find out. Oh and don’t forget, Mahiru Hīragi. You’ll be having a great time finding more out about her. Interesting stuff.

On a side note, I love the opening and endings. Always a plus.

Hey guys

Right now I’m missing out on watching some of my favourite animes of the season since I’m in Japan but, to be fair, I’m most likely looking about Akihabara and stuff and seeing anime things all around me so I won’t complain. I can catch up when I get back ^.^’

Today I’ll start a round up of my favourites. I’ll post these over a few days so keep a look out.

1. Arslan Senki

So, whats the story? Basically, a prince who isn’t very ‘princely’ goes out to battle for the first time and his army is almost wiped out, his dad the King is captured and Arslan escaped thanks to the help of his servant Daryun. All of this happened because of Kharlan, a general who committed treason. Now, the Queen is being held captive and the captial, Ecbatana has been taken over by Lusitanian forces. Arslan and Daryun have managed to get help from Narsus, a super smart and cunning tactician who once worked for Arslans Dad. Soon, two more people join their party and are trying to find a way to take back the Ecbatana. However, who is the rightful heir? General Silvermask who is leading the forces (and who Kharlan joined forces with before his death) and claims to be the rightful heir as he is the previous Kings son, or Arslan, the current Kings son? How will it end?

I feel like this is similar to Akatsuki No Yona (last seasons favourite) so I think it will end the same way as that one. I might be suprised but we will have to wait and see.

On a side note, I love the opening and endings. I won’t skip either song and sing along every time it’s on.


Right now I’m in Japan but I’ve scheduled a few posts for while I’m away. Today, I’ll be showing you an outfit I bought for my holiday. I’m a bit worried that it won’t fit when I go to put it on so fingers crossed. I got the top (cropped top btw which is so scary since I’ve like 3 fat roles now) and skirt in H+M a while back. Even though it’s probably hot in Japan, I’ll put tights on with this outfit as the skirts so short. hair will have to be down to hide the see through-ness of the top and my fat rolls. If it doesn’t fit when I go to wear it I’ll probably cry a little and have a crisis.


I’ve a couple more things scheduled for while I’m away so keep an eye out.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been seeing this melted crayon art stuff a lot lately. I was curious so we gave it a go. By we I mean Anton, Callum and I. I didn’t have a glue gun so I cellotaped the crayons to the canvas. Good idea? Not really, they slipped out after a while. Anton wasn’t a fan of the noise from the hairdryer so he went into the living room. Callum pretended to dislike the noise right before he sat down beside me with it. What a rascal. One thing I couldn’t understand while we tried this out was, how on earth do people manage to get straight lines from melted crayons? Our crayons went everywhere while they melted. Once we were finished, I showed Anton and asked what he thought of it. What did he say? “It looks messy.” Obviously unimpressed. Well, at least we tried. Maybe we can do something similar in the future. I’m thinking we should make chalk ice cubes and play with them outside when the weather is dry again. Apparently, its messy, cold, fun and the colours get brighter so it will be worth a go.

20150620_132745[1] 20150620_135339[1]

P.S – Anton now loves this and takes it to bed with him and stares at it for ages during the day.


Chris and I went on a date last weekend to see Jurassic World. I was expecting to be scared since I was a bit afraid of the old Jurassic Park movies (I was younger at the time but I’m a big chicken now) but I loved it!

I liked Chris Pratt. He’s a funny guy. The movie itself had some funny moments in between people being eaten by a giant dinosaur which was good. I loved the little Raptors. Blue you cute wee man eating pet. I actually sat all tensed up the whole time the movie was on. I was sitting thinking “oh my goodness you’re about to be eaten, move, hide!” and was all sad at the end (can’t tell you what part in case I spoil it.

Actually, I will put it at the bottom of this blog so be warned. Spoiler on the way

I looked over to Chris at one point and he was making the same sad face as me. You know how you usually hear one or two people talking during a movie? Well, we were in the biggest cinema room and nobody was speaking. That’s how good the movie is. You have to go and watch it. At the end we also get to see the dinosaur from the original Jurassic World. How do we know it’s that dinosaur? If you pay attention, you can see the old scar from its last big fight.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just had to tell you all to go and watch Jurassic World.


So, why was I sad? Blue and the other Raptors came to save Owen who had trained them but some got killed trying to fit the dinosaur and the one that survived looked at Owen to see if it was ok to go home with him but Owen had to shake his head no. Seeing it run down the empty amusement park to find the dinosaur who Claire set loose to kill the bad one was so sad. I could have cried for it. 

Good morning!

A few weeks ago Chris asked me to get him a nice blazer if I saw one as well as shorts for our holiday…and some casual clothes if I see anything nice. With his card. Now that’s my kind of shopping. I went into Topman and found a lovely blazer section. My only problem was that I didn’t understand the size guide. Whats 38 in a blazer size? Aren’t mens clothes usually just sized S, M, L, XL? Even the girl at the counter didn’t know so we just guessed. However, the blazer was a little tight when Chris tried it on. It was the biggest one in the shop.Turns out the largest that I had bought was only a medium. Why can’t sizes just be easy to understand? Luckily, Topman over in Rushmere had a larger size. While there, I also found a pair of suede shoes in his size so I added them to my shopping. Only a day or so later I also found navy skinny jeans to complete the look. This style is something completely different to what Chris would usually wear but its such a nice outfit. He looks really good in it. It’s actually like an outfit that would be on a mannequin in a shop.

20150527_164044[1] 20150527_212358[1] 20150527_212316[1]

Note: the jeans he’s wearing in the photo are not the jeans I bought. I don’t have a photo of the whole outfit now. I’ll try to get one some time and add it to this post.

Chris wore this outfit the other night when we went on a date. How cute.

Talk soon!


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