Hello everyone. It’s another lovely morning. I’ve just had my Sunday morning fix of Post Secret. I love reading the different posts. I think its a nice idea to be able to share a secret anonymously as it can lift the weight off some peoples shoulders. People can share secrets with strangers on the internet that they probably wont meet in real life..well, at least know that they’ve met them. They may have served you coffee at Starbucks and neither of you would know their secret was read by the other person. That’s just what happens when you go on the internet. At times, we talk with others online and build up an online friendship. However, from a young age we are taught not to meet up with people that we talk to online. Why? Well, can we really be sure that the person we are talking to is who they say they are? What would happen if we actually met up with an online friend?

I agree that it can be dangerous meeting with an online friend but sometimes we have to take a risk. As you know, Chris and I went to Germany and met two of his online friends (who were from Denmark and Norway). It was a big risk going to a country where we knew nobody nor the language and even shared an apartment with these guys. Anything could have happened but it didn’t. Both guys were pretty normal and we all got along. I’m not saying for you to pack your bags and go meet that person in another country like we did but do take a risk. It could all be fine. Just make sure you’re somewhere with a lot of people and ideally, not in a foreign country although that’s not always possible as we can connect with people all over the world online.

You’ve probably guessed by now that today’s topic is to pick 5 online friends you would like to meet in real life. I actually find this a bit tricky as I don’t really have online friends. I have people whose blogs I really enjoy and who used to talk to me regularly through our blogs comment sections but they’ve disappeared over the years. Some decided to stop blogging altogether and others simply vanished one day. If I had to choose, the five people I would like to meet are:

  1. ‘Happiness’ from Lang-8: She is from Japan and helps me to learn on the site. I took a break for about a year but as soon as I wrote one entry a couple of weeks ago, she was the first to contact me welcoming me back and saying how she’s glad I’m back as if she missed me. I don’t have enough skill to converse in Japanese yet though.
  2. The blogger behind poundlandprincess. I never learned her name but we spent a lot of time chatting in our comments until one day 2 years ago, she disappeared. Lately I’ve been thinking about her and I hope she is well. I would like to meet her to see if she is OK as at the time she disappeared, she had a lot of things going on.
  3. Ashee from cupcakesakura: When I was just starting out my blog, we talked often and discovered we both worked in TKMAXX at the time (in different locations but both in Northern Ireland). After a year or so she decided to stop blogging and do other things with her life. I’d love to see how she’s doing now as she was a lovely girl and my first blogging friend.
  4. Martin
  5. Thomas

OK so numbers 4 and 5 are the two we went to Germany to meet and they’re also going to Japan with us so I’m kind of cheating but I don’t have anyone else >.< I feel like a creep for my choices though. Honestly, I’d just like to get in touch with them to see how they’re doing now and check everyone’s alright. Am I a creep?

Hey everyone.

Today, the challenge involves talking about our views on religion. For some reason, when people try to talk about religion it ends up a heated discussion with people of different religions trying to pick holes in each other. I don’t want this post to end up like that.

I’ll keep this post short and simple. I do believe there is a God. I am a christian and have been going to a Pentecostal church for the past 9 years now. I have met many people who will go around the town ministering to ‘non believers’, encouraging them to come to the church in hopes of them making the decision to follow God and its great how they have the confidence to do that when there are troubles in the town. In my town there is a ‘Protestant area’ and ‘Catholic area’. Usually you wouldn’t want to walk into an area where you knew if you revealed which area you were from you could get attacked. Well, I heard of one young girl from my church and two friends walking straight into the park where they sat beside a man and started asking him to come to the church and his views on God. Even when the man asked which side they were from, one of the girls did not move even though it seemed as if they were about to be attacked. She said she wasn’t from the area and continued to minister to this man. That’s pretty brave.

Personally, while I believe there is a God and do go to church, I won’t force my beliefs on others as I firstly, wouldn’t have the confidence and secondly, wasn’t brought up in a household where we were taught much about God so seeing all these people going out and openly talking about their beliefs in a real enthusiastic way is a bit alien to me. It’s great that they were brought up in a way that allows them to have that confidence to speak to random people about God and are surrounded by friends who all feel the same way as them as it will help them to grow in their relationship with God. I don’t condone it at all. Their actions could change someone elses life for the better. I think that everyone is free to choose what religion to follow or if they want to follow any at all.

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! It’s day 17 of the April Blogging Challenge. Today the topic is “If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?” What a fun, fanciful thought for a Friday morning. I remember when I was a child, I would help my Dad pick the numbers for the lottery each week. I used to be so excited thinking the number I chose might come onto the TV screen (sometimes it did, but the rest of the numbers we chose did not). Now, winning the lottery does not mean you have won loads but for this post, lets pretend we won 1 million. Just for the fun of it. What would you do with the money?

Some people might quit their jobs and go on a long holiday, buy designer everything and a huge mansion. I have to say, I would be careful with the money. I would buy a normal house, nothing super huge or fancy because I have no need for a 10 bedroom mansion with like 5 reception rooms and an indoor pool/cinema. I would just buy the house outright so that there is no mortgage to pay. I would do the house up to be modern inside but wouldn’t spend a crazy amount. I don’t need a £1000 coffee table or anything like that. I’d probably still go to IKEA and that sort of place to buy the things I want.

After that, I would pay for a nice wedding. Assuming I was already engaged. Again, I don’t want a big wedding but I would like to spend a decent amount on food and decorations to make sure everyone enjoys the food/cake and that place looks nice. Oh and a pretty dress. Nothing too fancy.

Thirdly, I would buy a brand new car that is known to be a good make so that I could hopefully have a decent and easy to drive car that doesn’t break every two seconds. Not a fancy car, just a good brand of car.

Finally, the remaining money I would save for the future. For if I had kids. When that happens I would open a savings account in their name and put so much in it so that when they become adults, they will have money to start them off. However, I would teach my children to value money so that they won’t think “Oh yea great lets spend it all on whatever I feel like” and waste it.

Even if I did win the lottery I would continue to work every day. I couldn’t just quit my job because eventually, the money would run out and I like working. It gives me something to do every day and gives the opportunity to meet new people and try new things.

So, if you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

I’ll be back again tomorrow (^.^)/

Good morning! It’s a lovely Thursday morning and you know what the means? One more day until the weekend. I love Fridays. I mean I bounce into work and am super happy all day. Fridays are celebration days. Why? It means ‘Congratulations you have worked hard all week. Tonight is Chinese night! Tomorrow all the animes come out!” And, I get to lie in the next morning. What’s not to love?!

Todays challenge topic is our fears and phobias. Bit of a nasty one. Nobody wants to think about things that frighten them. Here is my list:

FLYING – Even the thought of getting on a plane is enough to make me cry. I think I’m terrified of flying because I didn’t have much experience of it when I was young. I only went on one school trip where we had to fly. I just find the whole process of getting to the airport and checking in and all way too stressful. I’m always afraid that I have forgotten something or that we wont make it in time to the plane. Then there’s the actual getting on the plane part. Even just to go to England (seriously not even an hour flight) I was shaking so badly and in tears before I even got onto the plane. Just seeing it was enough for me. How am I ever going to survive the flight to Japan? If only I could get something to knock me out and wake up in Japan. I probably could get something actually but I don’t take tablets so…

WATER – I’ve always been afraid of big quantities of water like the sea, especially the sea. I was knocked over by a wave when I was a kid and couldn’t get up. The waves were knocking me about and washed me back up on the beach. Seeing the waves going over my was terrifying. For a while I would be afraid but I could still put my feet in the sea when I was with others. Lately though, even watching a YouTube video where someone was kayaking around an island, I was really nervous just seeing the waves up close. Maybe what makes it worse is the fact that I know if I was to fall into water now I’d be a gonner as I can’t swim. Oh yea, swimming pools freak me out too. Having water that deep around me, even though I can see the bottom is not my thing. It makes me so afraid.

GHOSTS – Things that go bump in the night terrifies me. I hate ghost stories and people telling me scary things that they’ve ‘seen’ and stuff. I have a friend who constantly tries to annoy me by talking about ghosts and flying. I even had to ask him to stop after others had told him. He’s coming to Japan with us too so hes been warned not to say anything while we travel or else I won’t get on the plane. Anyway, back to ghosts. We lived in a few houses when we were kids and I mean they were so creepy. I would not stay in them by myself. There was one house in particular that freaked me out. I always felt like something was in the room watching me. Or in the garage. I refused to go into the garden alone as we had to turn a corner of the house and the garage door was right there. I never knew what I would see if I turned that corner. One time, I was sitting in a room on the computer and the chair was pulled from under me so I fell on the floor and it landed on top of me. Another time, I was lying in bed and I felt something crawling up the bed towards me. At first I thought it was just my pet but then I realised it was already cuddled up with me near my head. There were quite a few things that happened in that house. Just remembering it is giving me the heebie jeebies. Let’s not talk about this anymore.

There is a whole lot of nope in this post. I seriously don’t want to think about any of it any more so I’m going to end this post. Tomorrows is a nice topic. A fun topic for a Friday.

See you tomorrow (^.^)/

Good morning everyone!

I’m loving todays challenge because it’s something that features on my blog. I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a while either so this is a good chance to catch up.

Unfortunately, this isn’t my actual OOTD because I have work today and, honestly, showing my uniform isn’t exactly interesting so this is an outfit from last Friday when the weather was nice. I ended up a bit sunburnt just from being outside for a short while.


Pattern on the arms and along the bottom of the top

Pattern on the arms and along the bottom of the top

I bought the top in NV for £6.99. I got it in a creamy white too. Both are for my holiday as they are nice and loose to let the air go about and keep me cool in the heat. My jeggings are from New Look and I absolutely love them. I can’t remember the price of them but they are so comfy and the light colour gives a bit of a summery feel. My flip flops (sorry I wasn’t wearing them in the photo but I had a minty green nail polish on that was all coming off and that didn’t look very appealing in the photos) are by Jessica Simpson. I got them from TKMaxx for something like £16 but I can’t remember. I love how they have little chains and diamonds on them. The only problem I have with them is when the diamonds come loose and scrape my feet/toes a bit. Ouch. I kept my outfit simple as I was going to be in the car a lot, trying to find someone to fix yet another problem. This one was not caused by me but I’ll talk more about that later.

Good morning everyone. It’s another lovely morning. Weather wise its just OK but I’ve my health, my car is working and I’ve yummy food.

Today the challenge is to talk about your biggest regret. I was going to say that I don’t have any but thinking about it, I wish I had worked harder and saved more money years ago so that I would have more to put towards a house now. I’ve mentioned before that Chris and I are looking around online to find a house for ourselves and we are saving for it. The thing is, I have less money now than I did two years ago when I worked in a shop. I spent it on clothes and things I didn’t really need…as well as important things like the car (and to repair a bump in someone elses car – oops) I realised that if I hadn’t taken a year out and got qualified to work with kids when I was younger, I could have more money by now. Then again, who’s to say that would have definitely happened. I still could have spent money on silly things or may not have found a job in childcare.

My point is, I regret not being more careful with the money I earned because now I can’t put as much money towards a house as I would have liked to. Chris puts way more money towards it (and even pays for all of the cars problems) which makes me feel bad because in a way, I’m whats holding us back. Oh well, at the end of the day I can’t change how I spent my money in the past so I’ll just have to be careful from now on. During my years out of education I learnt about working with the public and met new people, some of who were lovely and we had lots of fun during work. I learnt how to stick up for myself more and take care of myself so it wasn’t all bad.

What’s your biggest regret?

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Good morning everyone. I’m up and ready for the working day. I’ve had a lovely breakfast and no tea. That’s right guys, I haven’t had tea since I was ill a week ago. I just don’t want it. I think this time of year makes it easier to give up tea since the weather is getting warmer. I’ve been wanting salads and fruits lately too. Maybe I’ll be able to shed a few pounds before our upcoming trip to Japan? I can hope.

I’ve been thinking of this topic since I first saw it on the list at the beginning of the challenge. There are so many hobbies I wish I could have, some I just need to learn and others will remain a dream.

1. Play an instrument – I would like to be able to play a piano. We had a keyboard when we were kids which I loved but we could never afford to learn how to play an actual piano. I think it would be a lovely instrument to play.

2. Sew – My friend is great at sewing but when I try it turns out a mess. If I could sew it would come in handy when I’m older if I have children. I’d be able to sew names on uniforms and fix their favourite teddy when it’s arm/ear falls off.

3. Some sort of dancing – I watch people dancing on YouTube all the time and it looks so fun but I think it’s something that would be better to start doing at a young age. I’m not a dancer. I don’t do dancing. Especially in front of others. I’m way too self conscious to do something like that in front of people my age.

What hobbies do you wish you could have?

See you again tomorrow!


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