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While I did my make up for yesterdays date with Chris, I took photos just for fun (and to send to my sister…just because). When I looked back at them though I really thought ”Wow, make up totally changes how people can look in just a few steps (without all the contouring if you want to keep it simple and quick)



Step 1:

Apply concealer to spots/blemishes and dark circles. Doing a more triangle shape for the dark circles makes it work better than just going back and forth under the eye. I use a lot for my eyes (too many late nights)



Step 2 and 3:


Put a little foundation on your finger and cover your face, keeping it light. Next, add a thin line of eyeliner to the top lid only if you have small eyes like I do.









Step 4:

Apply a little mascara, again only to the top lashes. I find that if I try to put mascara on my bottom lashes I look like I have spider legs growing out of my face. Not a good look. Touch up any areas around the eye with foundation. I usually do a little more under my eye. Tip: put your index finger under your eye and blink a few times to get rid of the excess mascara after applying it to reduce the chance of getting black smudges under your eyes.





Step 5 and 6:

Add a light brush of blusher and pick a lipstick/balm with a hint of colour.



My Results:








I know it looks a bit photo shopped or like I used some sort of filter but it’s actually just the angle because it was sunny for a while. I should have done another photo without the sun. Doing my hair made a difference too even though I only added a bit of gel.


Anyway, that’s it for now. Talk soon,


Natalie (^.^)/



Chris and I work all week so Saturdays are our day to spend time together. Since last weekend was Valentines day and it would be super busy, we didn’t go anywhere or do anything. Today is going to be our Valentines day. We’ve decided to go for a meal at Salt before heading to see a movie. This is what I chose to wear:



20150221_154732  20150221_154346  20150221_15470520150221_154025

Cardigan: Everything £5

Top: Dunnes

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: eBay

Make up: L’Oreal Paris – Super Liner, So Couture (black)

– Foundation and concealer – True Match in Ivory

Mascara – NYC Big Bold Volume (black)

Avon - Colour Trend scented and flavoured lip balm (lollipop)



I had asked if we could not give each other a gift this year as I have just started a new job and haven’t much money as well as how we have our car insurance coming up and a holiday to save spending money for. All on top of saving to buy a house. Well, Chris went off to the gym as normal on Valentines Day. A couple of hours later, I was starting to wonder where on earth he was as, although he usually stays for a while after the workout, he was still later than usual. Just as I was thinking that, I heard the door open and him and his Dad asking ”is she awake?” I heard Chris calling me so I said I was in the kitchen and in he walked with a bunch of roses. Wee cutie. We’ve been together 7 years and this was only the second or third time he had ever given me flowers since he doesn’t really see the point in getting a gift that only lasts about a week before having to be thrown out. I was pretty chuffed but still felt bad as I didn’t have anything. His reason for getting them? “I know we said not to get each other anything this year but I couldn’t have you getting nothing on Valentines Day.” I know it isn’t much but I’ve paid for our cinema tickets (which was a shock to him) because he always pays for everything.


IMG-20150214-WA0000 IMG-20150214-WA0001


Talk soon,





Feeling bored, I decided to look up desserts on Pinterest. Most of the things I see there look great but whether I would ever be able to make something to look as good as the pictures is another thing altogether. While I was scrolling down, these caught my eye:



You can find the recipe here. I haven’t tried them yet but maybe I will at work and see how they turn out.


Chris and I went to see The Theory of Everything a while ago so today I’m doing a review of it. The movie is about Stephen Hawking who was played (very well) by Eddie Redmayne and follows his life as he was diagnosed with ALS – a form of motor neuron disease, meeting a girl and getting married, having children and shows what Hawkings general days were like. I thought the actor did really well portraying how the illness affected the body and there were lots of quirky lines/scenes throughout. Also, the actress who played Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), the girl who stood by Hawking and married him, took care of him and their children was good at getting sympathy from the audience….until a certain scene made us all hate her. I guess that’s good acting too.

Although the movie was long, it wasn’t one of the movies you could get bored of. Honestly, I didn’t even feel like checking the time once to see how long was left like I usually would in a movie. You get totally sucked into the movie so I’d really recommend watching this movie. Good choice Chris!

Good morning!


Just after Christmas, after our massive clear out, Chris suggested we buy a bookcase for all of my manga as it had been sitting on the top of the wardrobe for years with nowhere else to put it. However, to get one, we would have to get rid of the beside table and desk in the bedroom which I’ve been using to store all my make up, nail polishes, socks etc so we decided to get a set of drawers too. Chris went straight into looking for decently priced furniture online, Ikea of course. Next day we set off (after a lot of me telling him to hurry up and get ready). I love walking round Ikea because there’s so much to see. Chris had wanted to just go and find the two things we were after. Uh huh. As soon as we got to the sofa area he started looking about then wanted to go look at computer chairs and all sorts. Luckily, we found both things we were after pretty easily (as well as little separating boxes for the drawers, some berry scented candles and two things to set the candles on). Best part? The book case was £105 and the drawers were only £85! I think that’s a pretty good deal. Trying to fit the boxes into the car though…not so funny. I had to sit lie with my chair almost fully reclined the whole way home while part of a box sat at my head. At least we got home safely. Once we were home Chris and his Dad set to work building the book case. Unfortunately, the drawers would have to wait until tomorrow so I had to move everything off the bed. On the bright side, my book case was ready and I spent ages putting everything in alphabetical order and can see everything I have now. Here’s the finished book case and drawers:




I’m pretty happy with them and now there’s more floor space too which is nice. What I love about the book case is that there’s enough room to push all of the books back and put another row in front of it so I can keep buying manga for a while yet before I run out of room again.

Good morning! Coming up to Christmas I went on a shopping trip with my Dad and sister to a place called Dobbies in Lisburn. I had never been but my older sister said it was really good so I was excited to go. The whole way there Dad and I were chatting and laughing away and singing songs from the CD. My sister on the other hand was not in a good mood at all. She sat quietly in the back of the car. Once we got to Dobbies and went inside I was dying to take photos of the whole place but I didn’t want to look strange walking round taking photos of everything. I loved how it looked with it’s wooden roof and all the different areas. It seemed more homely than normal shops. I could have spent a fortune that day, especially in the sweet section. I was dying for the bars of rock and the gobstoppers and millions of sweets. Seriously, it’s a good job I didn’t have money with me.


Dad offered to buy us lunch after we had looked around the sweets. The scones and desserts looked pretty expensive so I went for a lovely Christmas dinner as did he and boy it was a big dinner. Plate was piled high. Naomi couldn’t even believe how much we could put away. She said I get my appetite from Dad. I don’t disagree. Him and I were sitting trying to beat each other by eating the most but in the end we both had to give up and not finish so it was a tie. On the table was a small Christmas decoration which I liked. It made me more excited for Christmas.




After eating we looked about a bit more. There were loads of candles including Yankee candles but we didn’t buy any. Outside were plants and then there was a fish and reptile section too. Dad decided to head into Lisburn to look for presents for his wife for a bit afterwards so we looked about for a bit. Dad and I joked about the whole time having a good wee day while my sister was still in a bad mood. Anyway, still on our happy train, Dad and I had a sing along to Christmas songs the whole way home. Eventually Naomi (quietly) joined in although I think it was just to stop us from telling her sing and not be a Grinch. Unflattering photo of me but it was fun.




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Good morning. How are you? Today is another hair post. On Christmas Eve we went for a meal to Salt just down the road from us. Being Christmas Eve I dressed up a bit. Make up on and a black dress with some sparkle with my hair down…for about five minutes. My hair has been getting extra thick and fluffy lately and I knew I could not leave the house looking like the wind had blown my hair all over the place so I had to think what could I do to make it look decent quickly. I knew a hair bobble had no chance of going around it without snapping so I was a bit stuck…until I remembered an easy hairdo that doesn’t take long and only needs bobby pins and a clip. Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I would plait my hair across my hairline and then do a loose side bun? That’s the one. Only, this time I didn’t plait my hair. I just left a little bit of curl down at the front and loosely pinned up the rest. Easy peasy.


20141224_174532 20141224_173550


Sorry about that unflattering angle for a photo but I couldn’t get one in good light at any other angle. This one makes my forehead look bigger >.< Oh and sorry for the blurred picture too but that was all I could get in the time we had before leaving.


P.S: No, that is not a ring from my lovely other half in case you thought I got a suprise at Christmas (that will come eventually I’ve been told). It’s the ring I got for my 21st from my Dad.


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