Hey everyone,

I’ve been seeing this melted crayon art stuff a lot lately. I was curious so we gave it a go. By we I mean Anton, Callum and I. I didn’t have a glue gun so I cellotaped the crayons to the canvas. Good idea? Not really, they slipped out after a while. Anton wasn’t a fan of the noise from the hairdryer so he went into the living room. Callum pretended to dislike the noise right before he sat down beside me with it. What a rascal. One thing I couldn’t understand while we tried this out was, how on earth do people manage to get straight lines from melted crayons? Our crayons went everywhere while they melted. Once we were finished, I showed Anton and asked what he thought of it. What did he say? “It looks messy.” Obviously unimpressed. Well, at least we tried. Maybe we can do something similar in the future. I’m thinking we should make chalk ice cubes and play with them outside when the weather is dry again. Apparently, its messy, cold, fun and the colours get brighter so it will be worth a go.

20150620_132745[1] 20150620_135339[1]

P.S – Anton now loves this and takes it to bed with him and stares at it for ages during the day.


Chris and I went on a date last weekend to see Jurassic World. I was expecting to be scared since I was a bit afraid of the old Jurassic Park movies (I was younger at the time but I’m a big chicken now) but I loved it!

I liked Chris Pratt. He’s a funny guy. The movie itself had some funny moments in between people being eaten by a giant dinosaur which was good. I loved the little Raptors. Blue you cute wee man eating pet. I actually sat all tensed up the whole time the movie was on. I was sitting thinking “oh my goodness you’re about to be eaten, move, hide!” and was all sad at the end (can’t tell you what part in case I spoil it.

Actually, I will put it at the bottom of this blog so be warned. Spoiler on the way

I looked over to Chris at one point and he was making the same sad face as me. You know how you usually hear one or two people talking during a movie? Well, we were in the biggest cinema room and nobody was speaking. That’s how good the movie is. You have to go and watch it. At the end we also get to see the dinosaur from the original Jurassic World. How do we know it’s that dinosaur? If you pay attention, you can see the old scar from its last big fight.

Ok, that’s all for now. Just had to tell you all to go and watch Jurassic World.


So, why was I sad? Blue and the other Raptors came to save Owen who had trained them but some got killed trying to fit the dinosaur and the one that survived looked at Owen to see if it was ok to go home with him but Owen had to shake his head no. Seeing it run down the empty amusement park to find the dinosaur who Claire set loose to kill the bad one was so sad. I could have cried for it. 

Good morning!

A few weeks ago Chris asked me to get him a nice blazer if I saw one as well as shorts for our holiday…and some casual clothes if I see anything nice. With his card. Now that’s my kind of shopping. I went into Topman and found a lovely blazer section. My only problem was that I didn’t understand the size guide. Whats 38 in a blazer size? Aren’t mens clothes usually just sized S, M, L, XL? Even the girl at the counter didn’t know so we just guessed. However, the blazer was a little tight when Chris tried it on. It was the biggest one in the shop.Turns out the largest that I had bought was only a medium. Why can’t sizes just be easy to understand? Luckily, Topman over in Rushmere had a larger size. While there, I also found a pair of suede shoes in his size so I added them to my shopping. Only a day or so later I also found navy skinny jeans to complete the look. This style is something completely different to what Chris would usually wear but its such a nice outfit. He looks really good in it. It’s actually like an outfit that would be on a mannequin in a shop.

20150527_164044[1] 20150527_212358[1] 20150527_212316[1]

Note: the jeans he’s wearing in the photo are not the jeans I bought. I don’t have a photo of the whole outfit now. I’ll try to get one some time and add it to this post.

Chris wore this outfit the other night when we went on a date. How cute.

Talk soon!

Good morning everyone.

Just one more week and I will be away to Japan! I can’t believe how close it is already. My suitcase is half packed but I keep changing my mind on what I want to bring (thanks to my weight gain half my clothes don’t fit anymore…yikes). I know I disappeared once again but honestly? I just forgot about my blog. I had scheduled posts but didn’t get very far with them then just…forgot to go and do more.Oh well.

I’ve been working lately so I haven’t been able to spend much time with Anton and Callum. However, on Saturday I babysat them for the whole day. Both boys were so excited to see me so I thought we were going to have a great day. I had ordered some books and paint from The Works but, even though it said next day delivery if you ordered now, the stuff hadn’t arrived. Actually, it still hasn’t. Luckily, I had already bought some other bits and pieces to play with. I had talked with them about making fluffy paint a while ago and thought Saturday would be a good time to try it out.

I brought over a 20 metre roll of paper to draw on. However, my sister has white tiles in the kitchen so I had to put something down under the paper. There weren’t any old newspapers hanging about so I ripped apart an Argos book, taped all of the pages together and covered the floor which took forever. It didn’t help when Callum kept being a pest and coming in and walking over it/ripping it as I had told him not to touch it while I worked on it. What a wee rascal.

Once everything was ready (and after a bit of hinting to get a move on from Anton), both boys came and sat at the table while I showed them how to make fluffy paint. Anton listened really well and did exactly what he was told, mixing the paint perfectly. Callum…well, he told me his listening ears had run away from him. i told him I need them back and he pretended to catch them and then listened. He did sit and mix the yellow tub for a bit before putting his hands in it and playing in it instead. At least he was enjoying the sensory side to it.

To make fluffy paint you need:

  • shaving foam – if it’s gel it won’t work
  • different colours of paints
  • tubs
  • paint brushes

Spray some shaving foam into a tub and squeeze in some paint. Mix it up and tada. You might want to add more paint as the foam lightens the paint colour. We made: blue, green, yellow, red and orange fluffy paint and used different types of paint brushes. To make the fluffiness work, you have to blob/blot the paper with the paint.

Anton painted his name for about 5 minute before saying he was done and washing his hands. Callum on the other hand played for ages. Once he was bored with just painting it he got up to wash his hands and once he was back he realised the he actually had some between his toes. Only minutes later I saw him sitting on the ground painting his feet! He happily ran up and down the paper for ages singing What Does a Fox Say? and making up different noises each time. However, he then decided to walk on the tiles! I had to grab him and carrying him to the bathroom, put his feet in the sink to rinse off any paint. Of course this continued a few times. At one point I had left to check on Anton in the next room. Anton just happened to get up and walk into the hall. What did he see? Callum standing in the hall. What did Callum say? He wanted to go upstairs…with painted feet. Did he realise his feet were painted? Of course. You should have seen the cheeky look on his face as he slowly looked at me and lifted a foot towards the stairs. The newly carpeted stairs. “Danger!” shouted Anton. I scooped Callum up and went straight to wash his feet..again. In the end the paintings had to go in the bin as Callum had run up and down them that much that they ripped. There’s more paper so we can do it again sometime. Outside.

20150620_122912[1]20150620_135957[1] 20150620_135944[1] 20150620_135941[1]  20150620_131021[1]

I’ve left the paints and shaving foam at my sisters house so that the boys have something to do during the summer break (school ends this week!) I’ll have to find more activities for them over the summer.

Good morning everyone!

Today, I will show you one of my OOTD’s that I’ve been saving. I’ve got a few of these posts to come so keep a look out.

As you know, I head on holiday soon so, before losing my job, I did a little shopping. Ok, I went shopping just after losing my job too because I’ve put on weight so all of my nice clothes don’t fit any more. Seriously, I put a dress on that fitted in January and it wont even do up in the slightest now ;.;

I bought a few loose tops and cropped leggings for something cool and comfy to wear. However, I couldn’t just keep them for my holiday. I had to wear my latest purchase right away. I really love these tops. I bought 3 colours – white, grey and black. They’re longer at the back which I love as it hides your bum if you decide to just wear leggings.

20150506_132006[1] 20150506_132930[1]

Top: Matalan

Jeggings: TKMaxx

Shoes: eBay

The top is a bit see through so I have to wear a camisole under it. It’s just a shame that it leaves a visible line. Oh, and I’ve been sticking to my ‘I will try to wear make up more often’ goal. I’ve worn it almost every day over the past 3 weeks. It really makes me feel like I look a bit nicer. I’ve noticed that I get black under my eyes during the day from either my mascara or eye liner. After putting on mascara I usually put a finger under my eye and blink a few times so that any excess mascara comes off onto my finger instead of onto my face during the day but the black still appears. Does anyone know a way to stop that from happening? If you do please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


My last OOTD that I showed you was actually what I wore to an informal interview to work as a cover assistant in a secondary school. I was given the opportunity to work there for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it. Working with teenagers was better than I thought it would be. As the weather was quite nice, I felt like dressing up in a more summery outfit. I chose the same outfit as last day but mixed it up a bit. As I moved rooms a lot, I chose flat shoes and, what better ones to pick than my new sandals from Primark?

20150519_181621[1] 20150519_181642[1]

I kept my hair in a plait to the side (notice I cut most of the blond off?) for something out of the way but girly. I love this outfit because its summery but has that extra bit covering your arms in case it gets cold. I just love the sandals. They were only £5. I might have to go back and buy them in white as well. I’ll definitely be taking this outfit on holiday in a few weeks.

See you soon (^.^)/


I went out for breakfast with Dad last weekend for a wee bit of time together. As usual we went to Wee Barneys in town and got a mini-fry. Nothing interesting in that. What is interesting is what we did next…

Dad asked if I had seen the completed log cabin at my uncles house as I had been there while the lake was being made. Well, he took me up to see the cabin and the lake…and we decided to try fishing. Now, while I’m not a real girly girl, I haven’t gone fishing and never had an interest in it. I thought I would try it anyway and actually caught 3 trout. Pretty impressive (even if Dad did have to cast? for me. I think that’s the word). We did put them back but one accidentally landed on stones and then kept floating back up to the top as if it was going to die. Not wanting to be wasteful and since it was going to die anyway, we killed it and I decided to take it home. Hmm, if I wanted to eat it I had to gut it. I’ll admit, in the beginning I was a bit nervous about even touching the fish even though I had rubber gloves on. Chris’ mum and I had a good laugh while I tried to lift it. The fish was so slimy that it kept slipping out of my hand so I had to tip it out of the bag into the sink.

Dear love Chris was working from home and came in to make his lunch only to see me slicing open a fish. After the initial not wanting to touch the fish I had no problem gutting it. I was actually laughing at the state of it and made his mum come and look at the insides before it all came out. Gutting and de-scaling the fish took ages and the smell was stuck to my clothes so I had to shower after but I did manage to get it all cut and cooked half of it with:

  • 4 slices of lemon
  • parsley
  • ground sea salt and black pepper
  • thyme

I think it took about 45 minutes in the oven at 140°C. At first I thought it tasted alright but then I started really thinking about how it was killed and how I had gutted it and ended up not being able to eat the rest of it. I guess it was a bit of a delayed reaction. I guess I learnt that I could gut a fish if need be (and was so happy to actually catch a fish and bring it home. I had the biggest grin on my face). However, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon.

Here’s some photo’s from the day:

20150525_103327[1] 20150525_103220[1] 20150525_103444[1] 20150525_103440[1]20150525_111345[2]


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