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Some Kind Of Bite



For the last couple of days my belly button had been sore and itchy and I had been trying to figure out why. I asked someone in work if they could think of a reason and they suggested I had been bitten by something. Not good, right?


Well I decided it was a bite because there couldn’t be any other explanation and today I decided I would try to look at it closely.


I got a cotton bud and spent ages trying to see under the swollen bit…it must have been some size of bite because I accidentally burst it and all this puss and blood came out. Gross >.<


I spent ages making sure I got all of the puss/blood out without poking too much. Everything was fine again and I went about looking at stuff online until I felt something….



What was it I felt?


Well, I checked and the puss was still coming out along with some blood! For a whole hour it kept coming out >.<


For now it seems to be fine again and its not sore anymore (yay) but now I’m curious as to what could have bitten me so deep in my belly button =S


We don’t have any huge spiders or anything so maybe it was a bed bug or something? It could have only happened while I was sleeping because I don’t let bugs get close to me (they freak me out)


Any ideas what it could have been?


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