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A Day With My Nephew

Today, I got a call from my sister who is 2 weeks away from her due date for her 2nd baby. She wanted me to come play with her son for a while so she could go to the hospital to check on her baby.

YAY! \(^.^)/

I went over and my nephew was waiting for me to arrive. So cute =] He waits at the window so he knows when I’m arriving and then runs to the door to open it for me.

Anyway, she left and he started crying. A lot. >.<

I managed to distract him with my umbrella which he loves putting up and down so we spent ages pressing the button then twirling the umbrella about. ”Yay, this is gonna be easy” I thought until he decided he wanted to play with bubbles. Usually thats fine but what did he do?




I saw him picking up his little tube of bubbles and he slowly looked at me and tipped them out a bit onto the rug. ”No you cant do that thats bad” I warned him. He usually always listens to

me but today he felt like being naughty. Great. A wee grin came over his face and he looked at me and poured the rest of the tube onto the rug then pointed and said ”there” all pleased with himself.

I told him that was bad and he smiled all proud of himself so, what did I do as punishment? I took my umbrella and hid it so he couldn’t play with it anymore. The look on his face was as if it was the worst thing in the whole world but he didnt cry. Luckily he accepted this and he sat cuddling me for ages then went for a nap ^.^

I spent quite a while bored while he was asleep so I turned on the music channel and found a song I used to love. here’s the link

Finally he woke up. He always has a jam sandwhich when he wakes up so I made one for him. I went to make myself a bread roll and he came running in wanting to help. We pulled up a chair and he took the knife and started putting jam in the roll.

Here's my nephew making my roll.

It was cute seeing him do it ^.^ I got a txt saying my sister would be home soon so I told my nep

hew and he was so excited.

We went to the window to watch for her. He stood there calling for her and knocking the window and telling her to come here for a few minutes then he saw her. He started smiling and waving so excited and ran to the door to let her in and gave her a hug and a kiss. Its so cute seeing kids do things like that. Lately he says ”love you” and ”good girl” so he told her he loved her and good girl (for being home).

Soon enough there’s gonna be 2 wee babies in her house. So exciting!


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