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More Babies!

So, yesterday I mentioned that I spent the day with my nephew. Today, I was offered to go spend the day with him again but I decided to decline because I had a few things to do.

I was relaxing at home catching up on the weekends animes and I heard this noise coming from the other room. Curious I went to check it out.. What did I hear?

Dion was over to play! He’s my bfs cousins child. Hes such a giggly happy baby. Hes 1 and  1/2 but hes so tiny and light. At first he just kept looking at me unsure of whether he should come over to me or not (hes only met me a few times but he usually likes me and runs over to me and wants lifted). I didn’t want to scare him so I just smiled and let him get used to me again.

He ran about for ages but kept looking at me and giggling so I smiled and laughed at him. Eventually you could see him doing something then waiting to see my reaction then suddenly he ran over ! \(^.^)/

He wanted up and sat on me for a couple of minutes then he was off running about again but he came over every now and then to sit on me again and let me lift him and carry him about.

I brought him into my bf (who was at his computer as usual playing League of Legends) when suddenly what did Dion do?




He spat his drink right down my top >.<

I guess thats not too bad…I have had worse things on me when I’ve minded my nephew ^.^’

Soon enough it was time for him to go home.  We had fun today though.  He makes me smile because hes just so happy and cute.  Babies are nice.

Now I’m off to get some things ready for spending a day with my sister and nephew tomorrow. What kind of fun things will we get up to?


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