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Stand in Mummy for a Week

Finally home ^.^

SInce Monday I had been at my sister’s house as I mentioned before. She had gone up to the hospital last Saturday to check on the baby because she had pains and knew that the fluid level was quite low. Usually the people who examined her said its ok and to go home even though the fluid kept disappearing. Luckily at Saturday’s examination the woman got someone higher up to come and check. The baby only had 1cm of fluid left surrounding him and the cord was inside it which she was told was bad.

Just a day before at the doctors for her regular check up with the midwife she had mentioned the fluid and was told that its not good that the hospital had left her like it for so long and that it could mean that the baby’s kidneys weren’t functioning properly. Pretty scary. Good job she went to the hospital the next day though because they decided to bring her in to induce her and told her they would phone her on Monday to let her know when to come in.

Monday came and I arrived. She was pretty nervous about the labour because she knew what to expect this time and couldnt pretend it wouldn’t hurt or anything. She was also nervous about leaving her son but she knew he was in good hands with me =]

I was quite suprised when she left. he usually cries because shes gone and he isn’t with her but he was fine. He was actually in a really good mood (he had been grumpy that morning). He had a nap and woke up happy enough and saw me txting. Straight away he waved and said “Hi mummy! Hi daddy!” all happy.

It was a nice day so we took a wee walk to the horses in a nearby field before dinner. He really enjoyed it.


We played lots the rest of the day and by bedtime he was knackered and as soon as he was changed he was trying to go up the stairs to bed without his bottle (the only time he gets a bottle). =D He really was tired so as soon as he went to bed he drank his bottle and passed out for the night. I sat up customising bibs as part of the babys present because I still didn’t feel like going to bed. Here is what you need and what I did:



I also customised some vests a few weeks ago:


Tuesday morning I got a bit of a shock when I heard him at his gate wanting out. It wasn’t even 7am. >.<

I got up and was greeted with a wave and morning Natalie! He was in a great mood yay…and he remembered it was me who was looking after him ^.^

I tried to get him to be as quiet as possible thinking his dad was in bed (he was sent home during the night) Anton being his cheeky wee self got his toy recorder and blew in it as much as he could to make a really loud sound and laughed. I managed to get him downstairs and we spent hours playing when I got a txt….the baby had been born! I knew straight away his daddy wasn’t in bed so we could make as much noise in the house as we wanted yay! \(^.^)/

We painted pictures for my sister and a wee card, listened to music and then we got ready to go to town for the daddy to buy presents for the baby and her. Anton was pretty excited to see the baby. He was so good with him. He sat staring and kept giving him kisses and cuddles and stroked his face gently and even got a teddy and gave it to him saying here. It was pretty nice to see ^.^

Heres the card we made:   



Later on we played lots in the estate. He chasedme about laughing like a mad man. He went to bed that night really well too..I can really tire him out. I was pretty tired too though so I was happy he went to bed so easily. When would the baby be coming home?

I actually woke up before Anton did the next morning. I was quite suprised at myself. He even slept in for me. He knew that it was still me looking after him. All morning anything I did he said ”good girl Natalie” and sometimes he came up to just say hi and wave or give me a cuddle/kiss. It was cute ^.^

I asked him while we were lying on the sofa who he loved. He said “Mummy” straight away and I said yea good, who else do you love?” He paused for a minute then went all shy and pointed at me. It was the cutest thing. It really made my day so I gave him a big hug and said aww thank you and I love you. He actually told me to lie with my head resting on him when i went to move and told me off for moving. Its nice knowing he wants me there with him.

Here he is all cuddled up in the morning with his bed stuff downstairs: Image

I got a txt saying that around lunch time my sister and baby Callum would be coming home! So exciting! I got all the presents I had brought ready and put them on the table so that she would see them when they got home. I tidied the house too. Its shocking how messy one child can make a house in such a short time but he was sleeping so it was a good chance to tidy.

Image  and inside that navy box is : Image

Anton had only woken and came to the kitchen with me and we sat listening to music on the laptop when the door opened. In came his mummy. His face turned into a huge smile. “Mummy!” he shouted pointing. A few minutes later his daddy came in with the baby. He crouched down saying hi to him and started showing him all different things and showed him how his firetruck toy worked. It was so nice seeing how he was towards the new baby. He kept giving more kisses.

We sat chatting in the kitchen for a bit when suddenly Anton decided to get up and pull the carseat, with Callum in it, into the living room. We didn’t know what to say to him because he was being gentle so we followed. He set the carseat near the couch a bit away from the tv and said “there” and sat behind it rocking the carseat really gently. It was as if he was saying “there you watch this”. I gave him lots of attention and when he finally went to bed I got a go at holding Callum.

Its so weird holding such a tiny baby! I thought he would fall and his heads so floppy. Anton was definately a lot bigger and stronger when he was only newly born. He could lift his own head! Callum’s head was a lot smaller looking than Antons was.

For the next couple of days I got up with Anton and we played and he got to see the baby and stuff but he might like him a little too much because he wont leave Callum alone even when hes sleeping. >.<

Anton kept going up to his parents room where Callum was sleeping in a moses basket and waking everyone up so I brought him out to play to keep him distracted then I called my dad and we went out for a couple of hours to give the baby a chance to sleep as well as his parents.

It was the daddy’s birthday so we got food that night. I shared some of my rice with him. He really loves rice. I kept getting a wee tap on my shoulder or a finger pointing to my rice so I just let him have some. I gave him a bit of my Salted Chilli Chicken (and the vegetables from it). He took out tiny bite and started making this noise like he was panicing. Why?




He really needed a drink and he had already drunk all of his. It was too spicy for him. I gave him some of my juice since we had the same juice and got myself new juice. He usually likes spicy chinese food so it was funny seeing a different reaction towards it for once.

I decided it was time to go home because I have to work tomorrow so I needed a chance of getting a rest. All morning Anton cuddled up with me on the sofa being nice. He was so quiet that his mumm was afraid to call for me from upstairs incase it made Anton remember the baby was upstairs (she needed his milk) Luckily Anton had decided to put my earphones in so he didn’t hear her.

She came down with the baby after a while to see him still cuddled up on me and being quiet. She walked in saying “hello baby, morinng you’re being such a good boy” and sat down. Anton noticed her after a second and straight away the earphones came out and he was all “BABY!”. He ran over to where she was sitting and wanted to hold the baby so she said if he sat beside her he could. He got up immediately and started trying to lift Callum. It was funny watching him. She got him to calm down and set Callum on him. He sat just stroking Callums head and looking at him and leaning in for kisses and cuddles.


Its good that hes taken a liking to the baby but he also seems a little worried in case he doesn’t get as much attention because he starts acting up if hes not getting constant attention from his mummy. He got to take a walk in the field with his daddy and 2 dogs so it gave me an hour break so I packed my stuff and helped my sister out so she could shower knowing if Callum was sick I’d be there to help him so he doesn’t choke or anything.

It was definately kind of tiring but I really enjoyed being a stand in mummy for the week. I think I’ll miss having Anton around now that I’m back home. Now that I can lie in I bet I’ll wake up really early ready for him to get up because I’ve gotten used to it too. Maybe I’ll mind him overnight again sometime..


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