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I’m so happy!



My boyfriend got paid and decided to buy me £100 worth of anime/manga ^.^



I sat flicking through recommendations on Amazon and decided I’d get a few that I’ve never read before. I got quite a few different ones and with a holiday week booked for next week I have plenty of time to read them all \(^.^)/



I really love anime and manga (^.^)’



I have quite a collection growing now. I’m hoping I can fill a room some day with all of my manga and anime. All in bookshelves with a wee chair in the corner. It would be my own little world in there. ^.^



I like most types so I always have something to read or watch. I quite like manga reader. Its a pretty good site and its got a great selection ^.^



For animes I tend to use I’m watching pretty much all of the new animes out right now. ^.^’



If you have any recommendations for any animes or manga let me know, kay?


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