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I had a week holiday from work which I thought would be filled with lots of fun things…turns out I sat about looking at videos on youtube and watching anime/reading manga. I found out I also didn’t have any shifts until today so it was like having a few days added to my holiday week.

Looking through videos on youtube I found a thing called Hello Baby. Its Korean but it has subtitles. I watched SHINee looking after a child on the program and I actually found myself happily watching episodes one after the other. I had heard of SHINee but I’ve only ever really listened to a couple of their songs and I had no idea who each member was. They actually are nice wee people. It was funny to watch and made the time go quickly.

Today I found SHINee Yunhanam. I decided to give it a go and its actually something I could sit and watch. Basically they have to take someone older than them on a date and the woman has to pick who she likes best and they go on a proper date (the other dates are really just a few minutes alone with each member to get to know them). Seeing each members reactions is funny.


I quite like their song Lucifer. I want to teach my nephew the dance for it to see if he copies since he has been copying what people do a lot lately. They also have a song called Ring Ding Dong which I do’nt really listen to but they taught the child they were looking after the dance so I figured it would be easy enough to teach my nephew and I think it was look cute and funny to see him do it.

Well, off I go to watch some anime while I rest and read some manga after. Ah isn’t living in your own wee world lovely ^.^



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