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I got a txt asking if I would be comfortable minding both my nephews one night and since one is so young my sister was a bit worried about leaving him. I thought ”this sounds fun” so I decided to give it a go. I told her it would be easy since Callum just sleeps. She said I would have to feed him but she made up a bottle for me to make it easier and I knew about the bedtime routine for Anton so she was ok with that. She did warn me that Callum cries a lot at that time of night and that its hard to try to keep him settled but to also give Anton enough attention and get him ready for bed.


Hmm…would it really be that bad?


Anton was excited to see me and he didn’t mind that his parents were leaving without him (yay! no crying from him. Definitely made leaving to go to the cinema easier for my sister). We got to play lots all excited and we had a song on that he loves so he ran about the living room dancing and laughing and making faces at me. Everything was going well but then…. Callum woke up crying. He was hungry.


Anton helped me to feed Callum. Its cute seeing him helping out. He really loves his little brother ^.^ He stopped running about and sat beside me holding the bottle with me =]

Soon enough he was up again running about giggling but every now and then Callum cried a little and he stopped everything he was doing to come and see if the baby was ok and to give him kisses and hugs. Its so cute seeing it ^.^

He even gave a gentle high five to Callum and made him dance with his hands. its funny seeing that.


Soon it was time to get ready for bed. That is a challenge. He’s an escape artist at changing time and I knew it. I got such a shock though when he came straight over and lay down to be changed. Lucky me ^.^


After changing i asked if he wanted some time with just us since the baby was sleeping again. He ran straight over and climbed up beside me but it wasn’t enough to be sitting beside me..he kept squiggling closer until he was trying to sit on my shoulder. xD He settled for my knee thankfully and he grabbed my arms and put them round him. Kids can do the nicest things sometimes ^.^ It really makes you feel wanted and loved. He even says my name when people asks who he loves ^.^

Callum woke up again and Anton wanted to hold him before bed so I told him to sit back in the seat and I’ll get Callum. He knew exactly how to sit – he had his arms in position before I had even lifted Callum =D He doesn’t like going to bed but I knew how to work round that so it went smoothly. He ran to give Callum a kiss and hug before bed and dragged me over to do it too. We got his bottle and headed to bed.


I had nothing to do =[ Anton was asleep and Callum is only 1 month old so I can’t really play much with him and I was alone so I watched t.v for a bit while holding Callum. I’ve grown used to holding such a small baby now. I used to feel awkward because I had only been used to lifting Anton. He started looking at me with his eyes for a bit and didn’t even cry at all for me ^.^


Soon enough my sister arrived home. She was suprised at how easy it was for me. I didn’t want to leave Callum because I enjoyed holding him so much. You really do get this nice feeling holding a wee child and when they grab your finger. I would take him home with me if I could ^.^

I guess I can settle for visiting and babysitting every now and then though. Well, off to read some manga before bed


Byebye (^.^)/


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