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Amazing Weather!

Hi =]


For the last few days it’s been so warm! Usually its raining or cold/windy here but we’re finally getting the good weather!


I had the luxury of enjoying the sun all week since I didn’t have to work until Thursday. I went out with a friend on Monday, Tuesday I went to see my nephew since he had been calling for me out the window and said he missed me (my sister txt to tell me =]) and Wednesday I went to town with another friend to pick her present for her birthday.


Since it was so warm on Wednesday we went straight to the ice cream shop as soon as we had reached town. Walking in the heat meant we deserved a treat ^.^ We both ended up buying £5 worth each and went to the park to eat it and play. We were definitely the oldest people there but it didn’t stop us playing on the swings for ages like big kids. A woman asked us if her daughter (who was definitely old enough to ask herself since she was about 13) could have a go so we went on the new see-saw. Needless to say we did more playing than picking a present.


I had forgotten to put sun cream on since I’m not used to having to do it and being outside so much on Wednesday left me with a patch of sunburn on one shoulder and tan that was totally different from each other on my arms because of how my top sat. I tried to even it up a bit the next day after work which helped my arms but now I have a burnt face and chest but both shoulders match now. My boss laughed at me when he saw me with sunburn ^.^’


Hopefully it stays sunny and warm for a while. Its about 24 degrees Celsius now. Saw the BBQ being set up this morning and got excited thinking we were getting a BBQ tonight. Looked forward to it all day so I was gutted when I heard it was actually set up for my boyfriends sister and her friends and not us. We’re getting a chinese instead but we’re having a BBQ on Sunday. My face lit up when I heard that because it means we get both a chinese and a BBQ this week which are two of my favourite things. Yay \(^.^)/


It’s actually time for my chinese now so I’ll go get it and enjoy the sun for a while longer..hopefully I can tan my legs a bit more so i don’t look like I have 2 tones since my top half is tanned and the rest is pale ^.^’




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