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A few days ago since it was still hot, 2 of my friends and I decided to go on a wee road trip.


We left quite early and bought food for a picnic. My friend who was driving decided on Portstewart which was hours away from us. We had so much fun on the way up. My friend Kate was in a funny mood so she had us all giggling lots. She had made a CD a while ago that had a mix of music that we each liked for example summery tunes/club tunes (Lisa’s preferred type) so that every now and then a song by Korn or Limp Bizkit would come on (our preferred music types). She was all excited hearing a song by Korn that she turned to Lisa to ask who made the CD….she had forgotten it was herself =D


We weren’t sure how to get to our destination but luckily a car in front of us seemed to be going the same way so we decided to follow it for a bit. Poor guy driving must of thought we were just following him for fun. Every time he went to overtake we would do the same then as soon as he pulled back in to the proper lane we followed. He tested it and began to pull out so we followed then he pulled back in. He must have been relieved when we overtook him at the sign showing where to go for Portstewart.


Once we arrived in Portstewart we decided to find somewhere nice to sit for our picnic and then to lye in the sun for a bit. Its more chilly sitting above the sea. We spent ages just lying on a towel on the grass chatting and laughing while Kate took a lot of photos. She pretended she was taking professional photos and was speaking loudly sayin things like ”Ooo yea I like that” ”Beautiful beautiful” and ”Uh huh uh huh now do a sexy pose!” before she realised she was being watched by an old lady. Lisa and I knew so we just sat laughing at her the entire time =D


After a while we went back down to the town…its a very small town. Its basically a straight line by the sea. We went straight for ice cream and ended up sitting in the park beside the water that kids played in. Some kids had a ball and kept kicking it over the water and making a huge splash. The ball almost hit an old lady at one point. We didn’t really do much. We just sat chatting and relaxing in the sun.


We discussed Kates birthday plans but we realised none of us were free at the same times due to work so hopefully we will get to go for a meal soon even though her birthdays over. We decided to head back home in the afternoon (after 4 or 5) and both Kate and I ended up falling asleep in the car, tired from being out in the heat. Poor Lisa had to keep moving in her seat to stay awake because she was driving.


Both my friends ended up a little sunburnt but it wasn’t too bad. I had actually put on a bit of tanning oil that morning on the parts of me that were pale to try to get a bit more of an even colour and used suncream on the rest of me but I also kept my arms covered and most of my legs covered because I had burnt the day before. Turns out I was allergic to the oil =[ For the past 5 days I have had a rash from it that was so itchy =[ Luckily it seems to be disappearing now ^.^


Im sleepy from work so I’ll write again soon


Byebye (^.^)/


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