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Tonight m boyfriend and I decided to watch a DVD for a change. Usually he sits playing games like League of Legends while I sit reading manga or watching anime. SInce he was tired he decided to get his mum to set up the laptop (link it to the t.v). I couldn’t do it because he was lying on the couch with a duvet and his legs over me so I could’nt move. Watching her try to set it up was quite funny. She had been trying to turn the t.v on without realising it wasn’t plugged in ^.^’ She went to plug it it only to discover there were about 4 black plugs and the wires were all tangled (I have a Wii, PS2, Xbox and a DVD player all under the Tt.v in the stand) We laughed at her trying to find the right plug and she ended up untangling some wires because she had to have them all neat. Finally we got the right plug and she sat for ages wondering why there was nothing coming up on the screen. Why?




She hadn’t pressed the power button =D
Chris tried to explain how to set it to the right exit to watch the DVD after she had connected the laptop to the t.v. Yay it was working! \(^.^)/ All that was left was to press play….pretty easy right?

We couldn’t help but laugh when she kept trying to click something that wasn’t actually there. She wasn’t actually sure how to make it click even though there are little buttons below the scrolling bit. After many gigggles she got it right but Chris wanted his monitors (he has 2 monitors for his computer for ”watching a show while playing a game”) His buttons on the monitors are touch screen so he told her to run her finger along the little white light. She looked straight at the monitor and ran her finger right down the middle of the whole screen =D We were all in fits of laughter. After bringing a drink in and closing the curtains for us it was time to watch the movie!

At first we weren’t sure of what we were about to watch and Chris was a little confused because he hadn’t a clue what the movie was about when suddenly it popped into my head. ”Thats the movie I wanted to watch ages ago!’‘ It’s about a girl who had been kidnapped and somehow managed to escape from the hole in the middle of a forest where there were also bones from previous victims. However nobody believed her story and they called off the search for the hole after 1 week. Her sister then disappears and she is convinced the man who kidnapped her had taken her sister. She went to the police but they didn’t believe her so she goes round and finds information on the man and tries to save her sister by herself.

I wont say anything more about the plot so that I won’t ruin it but it was a great movie. We sat in silence, glued to the screen. As the story progressed it felt like we were being dragged into the movie. I could feel my heart beating at parts. The only thing that annoyed me about the movie was that she left her car unlocked or the door open so many times even though she was supposed to be careful. To me it was like she was inviting the man she was after to get in the back of her car.

I would recommend to watch it some night. We really enjoyed the movie and it wasn’t really scary so even if you get scared easily like me it would still be fine to watch.


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