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Since my shift ended today I have been in a great mood.


Why? I’m off for a week \(^.^)/


Anyways. I’ve been watching anime for most of the evening and even though now its 3am I’m up and wide awake and I’ve just finished watching Kuroko No Baske. I love the opening and ending songs..and the wee tune that plays when they’re playing a game. If anyone knows the name of the tune lemme know kay?


I just found Kuroko’s character song. I do like it a lot ^.^ I’ve been listening to it for the past 15 minutes grinning away and tapping along in time.Here’s a link to it


I get all happy listening to anime songs ^.^’


Lately, I really like the Fairy Tail opening and ending.. It always has good tunes. I really like that anime. I always used to think ”That looks silly, I wont watch something like that” but one day I got curious so I gave it a go and I’m so glad I did. Natsu is funny. I think its got a lot of good voice actors in it and the songs fit with the story.


Sankarea also has a good opening tune. I find myself singing along sometimes (quietly). I usually have ear phones in when I’m watching anime because then nobody can disturb me or my concentration (I get really into anime when I’m watching it) so I don’t always notice if my boyfriend is watching me sitting grinning away or joining the wee dance for the song e.g. Tsuritama’s opening)


I really like Accel World. I always watch the first episode of new animes to see if they will be worth watching. As soon as I heard the op I knew I had to watch it. It has such catchy songs. I downloaded them ^.^’ Some mornings I get up and put some anime songs on that have a real catchy happy tune and it gets me in a great mood for the day.


Ah! I almost forgot! I think Aquarian Evol has such a cute wee ending song. The one by Yunoha. Yui Ogura has such a cute wee soft voice. I am not ashamed to admit I sat with that song on replay for hours and learnt all the words so I could sing along.


I like Hiiro No Kakera’s op too. As you can tell by now I really love anime songs ^.^ I downloaded it straight away and put it on my phone. Its a nice wee tune. It portrays emotion well.


Some of my top anime songs at the minute would be (in no particular order because I like them all so much):


  • Nee by Maiko Fujita (Hiiro No Kakera)
  • Tears Infection (Myself Yourself:)
  • Hajimari No Sora by +plus (Fairy Tail)
  • Towa No Kizuna by DaisyxDaisy (Fairy Tail)
  • Unfinished by Kotoko (Accel World)
  • Can Do by GRANRODEO (Kuroko No Baske)
  • Tsurezure Monochrome by Fujifabric (Tsuritama)
  • Esoragoto by Nano (Sankarea)
  • Escape by Hemenway (Eureka Seven AO)
  • Kuroko’s character song that I mentioned


Hmm I could keep going on but I will stop myself for now. ^.^’


Its just after half 3 now and I have to get up in the morning but I know it won’t happen. I have no hopes of sleeping after listening to all this music. >.<


If only I could make a living from sitting listening to it and watching anime/reading manga. What a life that would be ^.^ I could happily wear my cat ears all day (even though having a job in a shop hasn’t stopped me wearing them every now and then to work ^.^)


Anyways, I’ll go read some manga and hope I get sleepy.


~Byebye (^.^)/


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