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Blink 182



A couple of nights ago I went to see the Blink 182 concert with my friend Lisa. She had actually bought the tickets for my birthday so I had been waiting a long time (over half a year) to go. For the whole week before the concert I was counting down the days =D


I had been minding my nephew for a few hours before the concert and he picked me an outfit to wear (it was actually a decent outfit so I wore it) We were supposed to leave at half 5 to get there before there was a huge queue but half 5 came and my sister wasn’t back yet to pick up Anton. I have to admit I did panic a bit because I thought we wouldn’t make it in time. 6pm came (doors opened at half 6) and she arrived and apologised for being late. Lisa arrived a few minutes later (I had told her I still had my nephew so she waited until he was away home to come get me). We sped the whole way to Belfast and made it in time ^.^


We had pretty good seats. We were glad we weren’t standing because it was pretty packed and we thought everyone would be getting pushed about. The first opening act was a band called 4 years strong. Don’t think anybody really knew who they were to be honest. They really tried to get everyone all pumped up and shouted ”everybody sing it” …. there was a big silence because nobody knew the words =S The ones standing were getting quite into the band though. Soon enough the 2nd supporting act came on. Who was it? The All-American Rejects!


They were amazing! They were funny (the singer rolled about on the stage)  and when he was speaking he said he wanted to thank everyone for coming out especially the girls because it lets the men ”get sausage out” so if a guy has a girl with him they’re grateful and they were gonna slow the next song down so ”if you want to violate her a bit she wont mind, let her cry out a bit” and stuff which is quite crude but everyone was laughing. I happened to look in front of me and there was a couple getting closer and she moved to sit on top of his hand. I was thinking ”no way don’t you dare do that” and showed Lisa. About half way through their performance 2 men about 40 came in all singing and dancing about. Made us feel not as old (there were so many young people there that actually had to have adults with them) and a girl with her bf in front of them. She was drunk and talking away to one of the men as if she was flirting with him even though her boyfriend was right beside her. Anyway, by the last song by The All-American Rejects everyone was standing singing along and having fun.


After a short intermission it was time for Blink 182. They were so good! Everyone stood as soon as they came on. There was a big curtain so we couldn’t see the stage but they were peeking out under it and people started screaming. I hadn’t actually noticed they were peeking out until I heard all the screaming. It was all songs we knew so my friend and I sang a lot. Travis’ kids were on the stage. Mark had to show off his glow in the dark shoes. He thought they were the best ever. They were quite funny too.. Tom told 2 guys in the front row that they were so cute and asked ”how many times have you been inside each other, 5 times?” What a question to ask. Many people laughed at that. Hopefully the guys didn’t mind.


The lighting and concert as a whole was so amazing. Both my friend and I were convinced they would end on All the Small Things but they didn’t. When they sang it EVERYONE sang. It was so loud that it kinda drowned out Blink 182’s voices a bit. When it was time to leave I couldn’t believe it. I wanted it to continue on for so much longer.


I really love concerts. Lisa is actually the one who introduced me to concerts. Its only the 3rd one I’ve been to. I want to go to another one already. I went home wide awake and hyped up and sat giggling and talking about it for a while until being told to shush and go to sleep by my boyfriend. Lisa did take photos but she hasn’t uploaded them to facebook for me to take yet so when she puts them up I’ll add some photos.


Well I’m off to get ready to go out with my friend to Shake Fit to try it out.


Byebye (^.^)/


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