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What is this pretty tree/plant?

Last week I helped my boyfriend paint a fence at his granny’s house. I thought it was gonna be a small fence but it was actually pretty big. I didn’t mind though because it gave us something to do. Its actually quite fun painting it when the weather is nice and I have music to listen to.


I dont like bee’s so every now and then Chris had a little laugh at me running up the road to get away from one that was near me. He laughed saying ”they’re only bee’s its OK” but he had to paint part of the fence that was really close to a flower that lots of bee’s were in and all I could hear was him saying ”bee bee bee bee bee bee ooo I don’t like it go away bee”. He actually left a bit unpainted because he would have had to go too close to the flower. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.


We finished the big fence in a few hours (we only did a couple of hours each day because of it needing 2 coats so we had to wait for it to dry and because it rained for a couple of days. Also because I had plans later on some days). We did do a lot each day we went though. having 2 people there just made it a lot quicker.


Anyway, what I wanted to show you was this really nice tree/plant that is in her garden. I’m not sure what it is but I think its pretty.



I’d love to have that plant in the future. Bee’s really see to love it though so I don’t think I’d be going near it often. I ran away as soon as I took that photo because there were quite a few bee’s in it.


If anyone knows what it is please tell me , kay?


~Byebye (^.^)/


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