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Shake Fit

I had heard about Shake Fit and wanted to try it for a while but I didn’t want to go by myself so, I asked a friend and she agreed straight away. We started going about a week ago. At first we only went for 1 session to try it. It wasn’t busy and we got a cubicle together. We were a little nervous about what it would be like.


As soon as we turned it on we started laughing. It just started making us jiggle about. We couldn’t look at each other without laughing bevause of how much we were jiggling about. It really makes you realise how much fat there is on your body. We started joking about it saying ”I feel lighter already” and jooking about how much we were jiggling. Soon enough our session was over. One session only takes 10 minutes and is supposed to be the same as a 1 hour work out. My friend didn’t actually know that so she was all excited when she read it on the sign on the wall. (We’re both not fit enough at all to do proper work outs…if only I had taken part in P.E classes more often back when I was in school).


We liked it so a few days later we went back and signed up for the 30 sessions option which was £30. You just have to use up your 30 sessions in 30 days so its just £1 a go which really good. It’s handy that you can wear any clothes you like and because it only lasts 10 minutes its quick and easy even if you have a busy day. The only requirement is that you take your shoes off before you step on the machine.


We actually did a double session one day because we missed going the day before due to not being free at the same time to go. I always seem to end up going after eating which is NOT a good idea. It makes you get a stitch. We both actually got a stitch just from standing on the machines during our double session.


Since we have already paid for our sessions we just have to bring our membership cards with us so they can keep track of how many sessions we have had. If you forget your card you aren’t allowed on the machines so we always check we have it with us before we leave (we both forget things easily).


So far we have only done 5 sessions but we both notice a bit of a difference already and I know someone who does 4 sessions a week and she has actuallty lost inches off her waist so i think it will be worth going to.


We told another friend about us going and she told us they were bad for us. She said its bad for joints because it shakes your whole body and people have had to go to the doctors after being on them for a while. =S


I know they offer diet pills to help you lose up to 1 dress size within 3 weeks which people, including myself, wouldn’t take because diet pills are supposed to be bad for you but would the actual machine be bad to be on? Well we still have a lot of sessions left to use so we’ll just keep going until we have completed it and hopefully there will be good results.


Have any of you been to Shake Fit? What is your opinion on it?


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