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Animal outfits, the cute and the cuter ^.^

A while ago I got a cute new hoodie. I got it from eBay for £15 I think. I had tried to get it on a website called Kawaii Craving but they took the money and never sent the items I had ordered and ignored all emails. =[

The one I ordered from eBay came from Japan so I had to wait quite a while for it to arrive. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t arrive. I was so happy when it did arrive. Here is a picture of it.


Its really cute ^.^ I want to get the pink version next.

A couple of weeks after getting it I went to my friends house and while we re arranged her room she got rid of some hoodies that her ex boyfriend had given her. She knew I liked animal hoodie’s so she gave me a couple ^.^

One is an evil bunny and one is supposed to be a panda but I think its more like a polar bear.


Kinda cute in its own way.

I’ve grown quite fond of the evil bunny one. One arm came off in the wash though because it was just laced on. I spent about an hour fixing it only to discover it had somehow ended up the wrong way round so I had to start all over again but failed a second time which was really annoying. Third time round I got it right. \(^o^)/

Id love to show you a photo of the ‘panda’ hoodie but my photos don’t seem to turn out too well and I can’t find a picture of it on-line =[

I have found another animal one I would like. I think it might not look as nice when its on though. Let me hear your opinion on it?


I really like cute things so I’m quite into these. A couple have people have told me that I am a bit ”past it” to be wearing clothes like these now since I’m not a child/teenager any more. I don’t look my age though and I like them so I don’t see whats wrong with wearing them if I like them. Its not like I say another person is too old or unsuited for clothes they wear so why should I have to be told I shouldn’t wear these types of things by them, y’know?

I don’t mind people saying their opinion on them at all. Everyone has their own opinion. I just don’t want to be told by my friends that I’m too old to be wearing cute things and that I should dress my age.

What do you think of them?


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