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In a Child’s Mind

Lately Callum has become more aware and wants more attention (he will be 3 months soon!)

I can’t help but hold him and talk away and play with him when I go to my sisters house. I don’t want to leave him or put him down because hes just so nice to hold and because he smiles when he see’s me now =]

Anton has become REALLY jealous though =[

He gets annoyed at me and tells me to go away. Today he actually cried because I was with Callum and he said bye and closed the door to the bathroom (he had been playing with water and I was talking to him because I felt bad for not giving him as much attention). I said  ” I’m coming too ” and he got all annoyed. Neither my sister nor I could believe it! Maybe in his mind I didn’t want him any more?

Downstairs my sister ran about chasing Anton and he was having fun and even came up to me to jump on me and stroke Callums head so I thought maybe he was fine with me again. I put Callum in his wee swinging chair thing and started playing with Anton so my sister could make his dinner. He was running but then he got really sad all of a sudden and walked slowly into the kitchen and crouched down. My sister asked him if he was going to the toilet in his nappy and he said mhm and she was all “Yay! High 5 for doing wee wee’s” and he got all happy and ran off again with me. He did this a couple of times. It was as if he remembered something sad.

We thought he must be huffing with me because he was jealous so I went in to him (he had gone into the living room) but as soon as I went up to him he gave me a look and went straight out of the room and back to the kitchen. It really made me sad that he was being like that and that it was actually my fault. =[

I came back to the kitchen and he climbed up onto the table and stood and said up! high! I said something to him while my sister watched and he looked at me and made a face as if he didn’t like me. We were in complete shock. I asked if he wanted to go even higher and he wasn’t sure if he should speak to me or not so my sister asked if he wanted to go really high and he said ”light?”. He wanted to touch the light (obviously it wasn’t turned on).

I managed to get him to let me lift him up (he decided to jump into my arms to go higher) and I had to hold him so high! Made me realise how weak I am. I thought he wasn’t so heavy any more but lifting him up really high is hard. ^.^’

He touched the light all happy and I bounced about saying Yay! Yay! Yay! all happy that i was getting to play with him. He wanted to then touch the other light. This went on a few times. I could hardly lift him high enough. It was almost as if I had to jump to get him high enough. My sister was laughing because of how hot it was making me lifting her son up so high and because I was so weak. He actually grabbed me really tightly while I held him to give me a massive hug. It was so nice ^.^

I sat with him while he ate his dinner and Callum slept so my sister could go shower in peace. He sat talking away to me and even fed me a bit of his food. Yay! he was happy with me again! \(^o^)/ He kept saying “surprise” when he had finished his food. I caught on to what he meant. He gets a surprise if he sits at the table and eats his dinner. Its a tub filled with sweets and he gets to pick 1 thing out of it after dinner if he has been good. I got the box out and said ” OK, you’re allowed ONE thing from the tub”. He sat really thinking about what he wanted and said “Hmm”. He picked out a little bag with about 4 penny chews in it and showed me. I said ” that’s what you want? OK then you can have it good boy”. He then picked out another bag with more in it and looked at me and I told him he can’t have two.

What did he do?




He looked at me and handed it to me saying “KiKi’s” (that’s his name for me) How nice was that! I got so happy that he decided I could have a surprise too. I said thank you and he was all happy. He told me he was going to show his mummy what his surprise is and off he ran up the stairs. He made sure I kept my sweets too.

I went up the stairs too and we played in his room a little. We read 2 books together and played with his digger and toy sausages which he pretended to cut and eat and then let me ‘eat’ them too. Everything was going really well until I heard something. What was it?




Callum had woken up and wanted attention. Anton tried to ignore it completely but I asked if he wanted to go fix his baby and then we come back to play. Reluctantly he came down the stairs with me and I sat down and told him to put Callum’s dummy back in his mouth. As soon as he had done that he grabbed my hands and said ” Down KiKi”. I got off the couch and sat on the floor and he tried to drag me away. Callum was still crying though so I had to try to get Anton to come back and help fix him. We rocked him but Anton in the end grabbed me and dragged me away. Luckily Callum had stopped for a minute. We had got back to his room but Anton was a bit sad as we played. I heard my sister call for me. Callum had started crying again and she asked me to bring him up to her.

Anton really hated the fact that I went down to get him. Even though I gave him to his mummy, Anton was not pleased with me. He was all sad again. Once we got downstairs again I sat at the table with Anton while he drew. He told me ” No way KiKi! Don’t touch” when I picked up a colouring pen. He was told to share but he went nuts if I touched them. In the end I was able to draw things for him to colour in and he was happy. Just when we were sitting happily my phone rang in the living room where Callum was.

Anton started saying ” Chris? Chris!” when I went to get the phone. He just knew it was Chris phoning me. He really seems to like Chris. Yay ^.^

Chris told me he was ordering us a Chinese and then he would come to pick me up. I started getting ready to leave and Anton ran over and started saying “Bye KiKi”, giving me a kiss and hug even though I wasn’t actually about to leave. Soon enough Chris arrived. Anton save the car and went straight to he window to watch it and see Chris. He came to the door to say bye to me and started waving saying “Hi Chris”. I got a txt from my sister when I got home to tell me that Anton actually kept saying ” Bye KiKi, love you” over and over after I had got in the car.

It made my day reading that txt. Both my sister and I decided that I should take Anton out for a day with just us so that he gets lots of attention from me to make him happy.

What could I do with him I wonder?

I’m going to work hard on managing my time between both my nephews from now so so that neither gets jealous from now on.

Hopefully it all works out well ^.^

~Byebye (^.^)/


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