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50 Shades of Grey

Lately I have been hearing a lot of people talking about this book 50 Shades of Grey.  A friend said its a really good book that she couldn’t put down even though she doesn’t usually read. Others have said it’s basically porn. I wasn’t sure what to believe about it because I hadn’t read it myself.


One night I heard that someone in my house had bought it. My boyfriends sister gave it a go but she said it was disgusting and stopped pretty quickly. Her mum however, has been addicted to the book. I saw her a few times sitting in the living room reading it before bed. She even took it to work with her for during her breaks.


I dandered on into the living room and saw it sitting on the wee coffee table. She must have left it there and gone to bed. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to read it. I was planning on only reading a little then going to sleep. I think I sat for a couple of hours reading it before my eyes finally got too blurring from tiredness to continue. I have to say, I am quite intrigued to keep reading.


For the past few days, when the book isn’t at work with my boyfriends mum, I have been glued to it. I’m onto chapter 11 now. There are parts that I find a bit silly … the way things are spoken. I had to laugh at it when I read the girl didn’t understand something that was really obvious. Her naivety at sometimes is kind of shocking. Even I knew where the situation was heading.


His mums finished the book and is now starting the 2nd book of the trilogy so she came in and gave it to me. Somehow, I don’t think I will be putting the book down all day tomorrow.


I can see why some people think it’s a disgusting book (due to the S&M) and I don’t think that younger people should read it. However, it is up to someone if they want to read it or not so they shouldn’t really be judged because of reading it. My boyfriend for example, he told his mum to keep the book away from me because its disgusting but at the same time it is my own decision to read it so he doesn’t mind.


What is your opinion on the book?


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