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It’s A Jungle In There!

Hi (^.^)/

I decided to take my nephew to Peter Pan’s Land yesterday morning while his little brother went to get injections. He didn’t seem happy at all at first because he knew what happens at the doctors and thought they were there for him to get an injection. We told him its ok and that he was going to play with me for a while. I hadn’t even gotten out of the doctors and his mood had brightened up. He had realised what we had said to him and was so excited.

I had never been before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It opened at 10AM and we were a little early so I decided to go across to Tesco to get money from the bank machine and take a look to see if there was anything I could buy him. We found a Peppa Pig book. He got so excited and started trying to tell me he wanted it. I bought it and he kept saying thank you. It’s so good that he is so well-mannered. Makes me proud.

Anyway, we arrived at Peter Pans just after it had opened and we were the first ones there. I went up to pay to go in. It’s £4.50 I think for children up to 3 years old. I have to admit, the staff there are all young girls who seem quite rude. They were looking at me as if I was far too young to be having a 2 and  1/2 year old with me and were keeping a close eye on us as if we were going to do something wrong. I let it go because at the end of the day, they don’t know what age I am and he’s not actually my child and even if he was I am still taking care of him properly and he was happy. I don’t see why people need to judge girls just because they have a child with them. Nobody can just say ”Yes that is her child. She looks too young to have a child. She must’ve gotten pregnant accidentally and probably doesn’t look after the child”. Yes, some girls do have unplanned children and some girls are quite young. However, they made the decision to keep the child and bring it up which I think it really good because they are choosing to be responsible for a baby and they will have people to help out if they need it.

My nephew was having such a good time. He was off like a rocket as soon as I took his shoes off and let him out of the pram. It’s hard to keep an eye on them when they disappear into the jungle that is the play area. It really looks amazing! There is a trampoline and a big net enclosing levels of fun. I kept hearing “Kiki look” “Love you Kiki” Thank you Kiki” and  “Bye Bye Kiki” among lots of laughter. We took pictures in a car machine and he had juice and got to play with other kids when they all arrived.

Soon enough my sister arrived with his wee brother. Down he ran to meet them and to let his mummy know he was having fun. Off he ran again laughing away. After another while … and lots of chatting, I asked one of the staff if I was allowed to go round it with him to get him round the whole thing. My sister said that both her and her boyfriend have been round it with him and they were allowed. I felt like I should ask though because of the looks the girl had been giving me. She said adults usually weren’t allowed and I said right that’s ok. I knew she would have replied that way. My nephew had been asking me to go in with him and waiting for me when I went to ask and she must have seen that. I the end she said if I wanted to go round it once with him that was ok. YES!

I went back to where he had been waiting to find that he had disappeared on into the jungle. I looked at my sister and she said he couldn’t have gone far. I started climbing and crawling my way through the big play area. It really is like a jungle in there! Twists and turns and obstacles. It’s so fun!. I stood for a second to see if I could see him. Where was he? The other side of the play area! He moves so quickly! He reminds me of a wee monkey when he climbs. I managed to get to where he was just before he ran off more. I called his name and he turned round so quickly, happy that I was in there with him. He ran over all smiles saying hi. I asked if he would like to go down the big slide with me. “Yes Kiki!” he beamed and showed me where it was. It looks really high up from the top. I sat in one of the lanes and turned to him to see he was trying to go down on his tummy. Somehow I managed to convince him to go down on his bum.

“Ready, Set, Go!” We were off. You really pick up speed on it. There are bumps on it too. It felt like I was going to fly off it as we glided over every bump. Once we were reaching the bottom I realised that we were going to come off so quickly and I was right. We flew off the end and along to the end of the mat at the bottom.” If only I could have another go” I thought. Being an adult has its draw backs.

Soon enough it was time to leave. He had been asking for candy floss all day so that was our way of bribing him back into his pram. Usually he will not get in it at all and screams the place down but seeing that he was about to get candy floss he ran for his pram and climbed straight in, holding out his hands. He was knackered after all that playing and fell asleep on the way back to my sister’s house. It really was a great day there. I would love to be a child just so that I could go and play again.

I wonder where I should take him next time?


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