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The Amazing Spider Man

I went to see The Amazing Spider Man and I love it!


I thought that it was funny and interesting.I haven’t been well for almost a week but I went along with my boyfriend and some friends any way and I’m really glad I decided to go. There weren’t that many people in the room, probably because of Batman being released, but I think its better that way because theres less chance of a stranger sitting beside you that could be potentially annoying.


I thought that Andrew Garfield portrayed Peter Parker well. I liked his take on the character. He was funny, providing me with a few giggles. I liked the part where he first got his powers and came home trying to act normal and his Aunt and Uncles reaction to his behaviour. I also enjoyed the scene where he was fighting the car thief. I wont say too much in case I spoil it.


I found it hard to accept Emma Stone as a 17-year-old because I knew her from a few different movies but she did a good job playing Gwen. To me, she did a really good job playing the smart girl. I did find her scene about the hot chocolate a bit amusing.


Lizard man….kind of freaks me out a bit because he looked creepy but it just means it was a good job with animation. I had to look away a second when he was peeling that stuff off his arm. Gross. His smile when he was in Lizard form was kinda creepy. One of my friends liked it though.


Overall, I thought it was good in how it showed how spider man came to be and him practising and having fun with his powers and it stuck to the story line well. The fights were interesting too. I think that the cast overall did a good job with their roles and the effects were done well. The funny scenes were used well to lighten the mood which kept it interesting to watch. I really am glad I went.


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