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I mentioned that I was going to start using Lang-8. Well, I have tried a couple of entries on it and have got corrections already and 2 Japanese people decided to friend me on it to help me. It’s a lot harder to write in Japanese than I thought. It has made me realise how little I know. To be honest, I am relying on Google Translate…which I know is not a very good idea as it isn’t that accurate but it does get the jist of what I am trying to write.


I start by writing what I want to say in English (there is an option to write in your native language and the language you are trying to learn to make it easier for others to correct it) and then I would try to write it in Japanese. I can write bits of it (obviously not in kanji…I use romanji because I don’t have kanji letters on the laptop and I can’t read kanji anyway) but most of it I do have to use google translate for.


Hopefully I do get better and can start relying on google translate less. I get quick replies and corrections can come with a description which is better because they can write why it has been corrected and how to use certain words.


I also correct entries made in English for others. It’s a good site and its free which is a good bonus.


Well, I have to head to work so I’ll have to stop writing for now.


Byebye (^.^)/


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