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An Awkward Birthday

I had to go to my boyfriends grandfathers 70th birthday on Friday.It was his dad’s whole side of the family going. I thought my boyfriends mum and sister were going too but it turns out they both had to work. I panicked a bit when I heard that because I didn’t really know any of the people going.


We had to pick his grand parents up early so we could drive to the place we were eating at. Neither my boyfriend nor I had never heard of the place so we expected to end up lost. I was so glad I was sitting in the front seat in stead of in the back with his grand parents. His granddad had been drinking all day and got in the car with another cider. I can’t really understand what he’s saying when he speaks normally but because he had been drinking it was even worse so I was a little worried about it in case he talked to me.


I felt quite sorry for my boyfriend driving because both his granddad and dad kept telling him to slow down even when he was doing the speed limit =D

They must have felt like they were going faster because they were both drinking. His granny sat there quietly between them. I could tell it was annoying my boyfriend a little when he was told to go even more slowly over the ramps.


Once we arrived we sat outside for a bit while we waited for the others to arrive. Chris’ dad disappeared to get a drink and suddenly the granddad spoke. He was trying to get my boyfriend to sit closer to him and started poking him with his walking stick. It made me laugh a bit. He told Chris that he would pay for a whole years car tax for him so that he could continue to go to school (he was already continuing his course anyway).


Chris’ dad came back out and some of his relatives followed. Apparently they had been sitting inside waiting for us. I only knew who 2 of them were because they both had kids and one was friends with my cousin. We moved to a different seating area outside. I was a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t know anyone. Chris’ dad realised I didn’t know them so started pointing them out and saying who they were and his sister (Chris’ Aunty) turned round and asked why he was telling Chris who everyone was when he already knew. It took her a second to realise it was me he was speaking to.
She seemed nice. She was funny. Chris’ granddad started speaking to me…..just what I hoped wouldn’t happen =S


I could make out bits of it so I just answered as best I could. Soon the final family arrived. We continued to stay outside until our meal was ready. The teenagers there were actually still a little underage (legal drinking age is 18 here) but they got served without any problems. The granddad was all ”you’re too young to be drinking” and laughing away joking. His aunty who I think is funny (the only one who really tried to speak to me) asked if either Chris or I drink and we both said no. His granddad didn’t miss a beat and said ”She’s too young to be drinking!” And everyone laughed (I am legal and have been for years) but he continued and said “She still wets the bed”…. Drunk? definitely. Awkward? Yes. Everyone laughed though.  (I do NOT wet the bed btw)


Chris and I could tell his dad was drunk too. There was a bit pelican/toucan (I don’t know the difference, sorry) decoration on top of a post that was holding up some plastic sheet which acted as a shelter. His dad noticed it and decided to say he was going to steal it and bring it home. He walked up to it and tried to reach it but saw the camera was directly on him. He did this shy kinda look and tried to make it look like he was just going to scratch his head and wave at the camera and walked away again. It made us laugh. Chris’ cousin walked up to see if it was bolted down…which obviously it was. He sat in one of the seats we were on for a bit but suddenly jumped up. Why? His seat had water coming through from the sponge bit under the cover and he had a huge wet patch on his bum =D Later, I noticed my seat was also wet but nobody noticed thankfully.


After a while we went in for the meal. Everyone had been saying how hungry they were the whole time we were outside but as soon as we started eating they all realised they were full from all the alcohol they had been drinking. Chris’ dad kept trying to get me to eat one of his battered mushrooms because they were really nice and counted them and said ”5, there’s enough for one each” meaning him, Chris, Chris’ Aunty (his dads sister) and me could all have one each….I didn’t tell him there were only 4 of us sitting together. I ate all my food. I had garlic bread for my starter. It was freshly made which was good and it was really thick slices. My Main course was chicken goujon’s with sweet chilli sauce, a side salad and chips. I was supposed to be getting garlic chips but they must have forgotten to put that on the order (we ordered in advance so we wouldn’t have to wait for our food for long because there were so many people going. The waitress did give us garlic butter melted in a little milk jug (those really tiny ones). It just tasted like oil though. I didn’t get a dessert.


In between courses some of the others were putting songs on the player. Elvis Presley came on and the funny aunty got up and started dancing away. The granddad was sitting with his hands on his walking stick in front of him and had his eyes closed nodding his head. He then burst into song. He was really drunk. He actually fell asleep for a bit too =D


Chris’ granny still sat there quietly. She had been given  drink and it had gone straight to her head. She looked a bit disorientated. I find it awkward speaking to her because I haven’t really spoken much to her before but we weren’t sitting closely so it was ok. Chris’ dad denied being drunk even though it was obvious to anyone who saw him. His face gave it away. He looked like he was trying to keep himself awake (he usually falls asleep when he’s drunk). he got up to buy another drink and his walk was quite amusing. It looked like a limp but as if he was trying to stay upright.


We headed home when we saw how tired the grandparents were and after some more singing and dancing by the aunty. On the way back the granddad started getting a bit emotional about why he picked the place we ate at and stuff. We asked if the granny was going to go back to her house or to the granddads. He said “She’s spending the night at mine but we have to go to her house first to get her medication”. He led us the long (and awkward) way to the grannys house as if Chris didn’t know where she lived. Soon we were home. I realised we still had his granddads birthday cake and presents from everyone in the boot of the car. I told Chris’ dad and he said “He won’t eat the cake anyway, doesn’t have a sweet tooth”.


Later that night I really wanted cake, knowing it was there. Chris wouldn’t let me have a little slice. =[ Y’know when you really want to eat something and nothing else would satisfy you if you eat it? It was like that. In the end I went to bed because I really wanted cake. I actually dreamt about cake too. Sad, right?


Anyways, my sister and I are thinking of making animal cupcakes with her oldest child some day this week. She already had the ingredients bought. I can’t wait to make them…and eat them ^.^

I’ll let you know how they go.


Byebye (^.^)/


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