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Forbidden Planet

I may have already mentioned that I decided to order manga from a site called Forbidden Planet. Well, I received an e-mail to say that 2 of the manga’s I had ordered are no longer available and that they would not be able to get any more copies. ”Suppose it can’t be helped if a couple can’t come” I thought.

A week later I received another e-mail. A few more became unavailable. ”O.K…Hopefully no more become unavailable” I thought. I was a bit annoyed.

2 weeks later I check my mail in case there have been any more problems. What do I find?  Out of the 17 I had ordered only 4 are available and one is on back order… Now I am getting really annoyed. Why is it taking them so long to process an order? Surely they could have processed it all at once and if they had maybe, just maybe, the mangas I had ordered would still have been there. and I could have received them all by now.


I like the shop because I can get manga that is not available on Amazon (I checked there first because it would be cheaper on Amazon) but the shops site is a joke. They had signs on products that were sold out so I knew the ones I ordered were still in stock. Maybe its poor site management? They may not have updated the site with the sold out products. If that is the case then they will have a lot of angry customers.


I’m glad they don’t take payment until the order has been dispatched. I wouldn’t be pleased if I were charged for products that I won’t be receiving. Hopefully the ones that are still available at the minute will be dispatched. I can honestly say I will not be using the site again. I would rather search anywhere I can to find the manga that is not available on Amazon…or eBay.
I will end my rant here. It’s not good to stay angry so I will go to sleep and relax =]

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