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Last night I REALLY wanted to bake. Chris said we could do them the next day. I woke up this morning excited because we would be baking (and I could make as much mess as I liked because it was his day to clean and do dishes). I managed to wake him up by saying I would make him food (easiest way to get him out of bed ^.^)

I decided to look up what we would need and made a list of things we didn’t have so that I wouldn’t end up buying too much. We drove to Tesco. It was absolutely pouring down and I didn’t have an umbrella. He said he would get me as close to the doors as possible but then he saw his grannys car parked further away and decided to park beside it….even though there were closer spaces. Needless to say I got soaked just going into Tesco. I stood for ages looking for what we needed but I couldn’t find the icing I was after. I got mini marshmallows, sugar butterflies, chocolate, sponge mix (in case we messed up making the mix on our own) and an icing decorator thing.

Soon enough we got home and it was time to bake! We realised neither of us actually knew how to make it so we found a book that told us what to do. It said:

125g plain flour

125g castor sugar

125g soft butter/margarine

1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla essence

2 eggs

I didn’t know where 125g was so in the end we had 140g of each of the first 3 on the list. I let Chris mix it all so that I could get the bun cases and tray ready. Everyone else had been out but they came back when I was putting the mix in the cases. Chris sat watching. All he actually did was use an electric mixer and tell me how much of each ingredient I needed. I told him to help (so did his sister/mum) so he came and stood beside me…as if he was helping Laughing Smileys

I used a normal baking tray and my Hello Kitty mould. I didn’t have high hopes for the Hello Kitty mould though because its silicone and things usually break when I take it out of the mould. We cooked the buns for about 15 minutes. They rose so much! I couldn’t get the Hello Kitty out of the oven because it was so wobbly =S Chris gave me a tip so I could get it out and we let them cool. All of the buns looked good. Chris’ mum gave me a cooling rack and tried to flip the mould over to make them come out more easily…Most of them broke though. I probably should have waited for them to cool before taking them out. Also, I shouldn’t have used butter to grease the mould because butter burns (which I didn’t know).

Everyone was watching to see how the icing from the tube turned out. It was a nice pink one and it came in a packet with 3 tops to add. I used the one that looks like little snowflakes when it comes out. I wanted normal icing because I didn’t like how the one from the tube was coming out. Chris had a go at making it but he was trying to make far too much so his mum ended up doing it. Chris ended up putting the white icing on the buns and then I decorated them. His sister had a go at decorating one for herself to bring to work. While we were decorating we realised that we picked a good day to make them since Chris’ dad had to go to the dentist so he wouldn’t come home and eat them all Laughing Smileys

It took a while to decorated them all but they looked cute when I was done. I took a photo of my favourite ones.

These are my favourite buns

The top left is sugar butterflies over the whole bun.


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