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For a while now, my sister, friend and I had been thinking of going for a meal together – kids included. We finally decided to go to Zio’s which is in town and quite a nice place.


Saturday evening, Kate picked me up then we went for my sister and her kids. As soon as we parked, Anton came running out of the house and to the car saying “Hi!” to Kate. He ran to give me a hug too and tell me he was excited to go in the car. He kept telling us to get in and go. We had to go into my sister’s house though to help her with stuff. Car seats can be awkward to get in a car with 5 doors but a 3 door car is almost impossible! It was so awkward. Antons seat went in first then my sister put Callums seat in and she squished herself between them while we had to keep Anton out of the car to help her get in. Both front seats were moved forward as far as they could goto try to make it easier for her to get everything in the back. Anton had to climb in himself. He sat and said whose seat was whose. He knew the front passenger seat was mine straight away. ^.^


He sat in the car while we drove talking away all happy. We had to walk from the car park up the street to the restaurant and we hadn’t brought a pram. Anton had to hold hands incase he ran off but when I asked if he wanted to hold my hand he said “No way” in a funny wee voice and said he wanted to hold hands with Kate. In Zio’s, Anton went off as soon as we got in the door so we had to try to get him to stand with us even though he just wanted to run about excited for food.


The staff in Zio’s were lovely towards Anton. They gave him a wee sheet to colour on and crayons and they had a high chair ready for him. Anton sat happily (thank goodness) in the seat and even wanted to do the straps up himself. We all sat talking and every now and then all we heard from Anton was “Kate here!” and he gave her a crayon. She was pretty happy because she is never really around kids and Anton was really interested in her. My sister was happy to be out eating with friends because she never gets the chance to go out with anyone other than her boyfriend/children. She decided to feed Callum while we waited on our food. Every now and then a certain staff member would come over to see Callum and play with Anton. She seemed nice and offered to bring a chair over to put Callums car seat on so that he could sit and see everyone.


Callum was due a feed around 7 but we thought we might be eating at that time and decided to feed him while we waited on our food cooking. Anton was waiting patiently for a while counting the lights. He got Kate to count with him. =D He started getting impatient and telling us to go get food and I told him they bring it to us and he turned round and pointed and was trying to say come here food ^.^ The things he says and does just seems so funny. I think he’s going to be the child in the class that makes everyone laugh…although he will be smart.


Our food was amazing ^.^ I decided on a pizza…I can’t remember the name of it but it was a spicy one. Kate got a pan baked chicken stuffed with something and I think bacon was on it too. It was a really long name so I can’t remember it either…the names of the food were either Italian or very long so it was hard to order ( I just pointed at what I wanted =D) My sister got pasta that had chicken and bacon and a creamy white wine sauce. Anton was sharing with both myself and my sister. I also shared my pizza with my sister because both of us wanted a pizza and pasta so we decided to each get one of them and then share. We were surprised Anton could eat so much of the pizza when it was so spicy. He really liked it though. We had a side order of chips too which he decided to share with me. He picked one up and put it on my plate saying “Kiki’s chip”. Every now and then when we were talking Anton would start laughing all excited and happily …. and REALLY loudly. We couldn’t help but laugh.


After out main course we decided to have dessert. Our waiter came over and asked Anton if he would like some ice cream. Anton got excited and saying “Yes!” so we tried to get him to tell what one he wanted. We told him to tell him what colour because it was easier than flavour. It was busy in Zio’s so it was difficult to hear. The waiter was kneeling beside Anton but couldn’t quite make out what it was so I tried to listen because he was closest to me but I couldn’t quite make it out either. Katie got him to whisper it to her. “Red”. He wanted strawberry. Both Kate and I got strawberry sundaes and my sister got the chocolate fudge pudding. While we waited on dessert Anton was signing stuff for us all. He couldn’t hear for a long time when he was younger and Mr Tumble (the childrens program) taught baby sign language so both my sister and Anton learnt from the show to make it easier to understand what he wanted. Kate couldn’t believe how smart he was. She said he is going to be a genius. He then started wanting out of the high chair so we had to try to distract him. He saw these huge jars stuffed with peppers/chillies and other vegetables and started asking us if he could drum on them. We told him they might break and that he has to stay in his chair but he was not pleased. We distracted him by telling him to count the lights. He made Kate look at a certain light. She didn’t know what to say so she said “That’s a nice light I like that light”. I couldn’t help but laugh. Callum was being so good. He didn’t cry once and just sat smiling away at us all. My sister was making him smiling more by tickling him and Anton decided to join in. Anton told us that he was getting red ice cream and then said “mummy brown” because hers was going to be brown. He then said “red” pointing at me and when we asked what colour was Kates ice cream going to be he said “blue”. It was as if he was telling us what to get.


Our sundaes were lovely and really well presented. Anton dropped a scoop of ice cream on himself and looked at me like he was going to cry because he got dirty. I realised what had happened and got a napkin to clean him. I hadn’t realised I had missed a bit so Anton picked up the napkin and started cleaning the bit I missed by himself. It was weird to see him do that like a proper person. We got our bill and it was actually pretty good. They hadn’t charged us for Anton’s ice cream and we each paid our own. Mine cost £12.70 altogether which I think is good for the size of the pizza and sundae. We sat talking a little longer but Anton had had enough. he wanted out. He kept saying “out” louder until we let him out =D As soon as he got out he ran straight for the jars i mentioned earlier. All 3 of us shot up out of our seats and got our stuff. We knew we had to leave before he broke them. he was so happy to be out that he tried to run about so I told him to stand beside Kate. he came over and saw her phone. I knew what was going to happen next. He said “thank you” and took it =D She sat there kind of stunned.


It was raining a little when we left. Anton held both mine and Kate’s hands on the way back to the car. We did what I call “1, 2 3 weee” with him. It’s where you say 1, 2 3 and then swing him. He loves it. He started trying to do it by himself =D When we got in the car he said “No back to mummy’s house”. He loves being out. She said “well, we have to you have to go to sleep soon”. We went into my sister’s house to help her with stuff. Anton came to me when we got out of the car to say he wanted to give Kate a kiss so I said ok you go give her a kiss. I told her what he wanted and she kneeled down and he ran and gave her a hug and a kiss all happy.


We ended up staying for a wee while talking and playing with Anton and holding Callum. Every few seconds Anton would say “Kate look!” or “Here Kate” and gave her a toy. He gave her lots of toys. He at one point said “Here” and gave her something. She said “…thank you” and we asked what it was and she tried to look really hard at her hands and said “There’s nothing there” confused. We laughed and thought maybe he was pretending he gave her something but he had never done it before so we weren’t sure. He then did it to my sister saying “Here mummy, 2p”. He was pretending. He said “Kiki’s turn, 2p” and ran to give me one. I did it back to him and he took it and pretended to put it away =D Seeing him doing it was funny. He’s really growing up so much lately.


We had to leave since Kate was going to her boyfriends house and it was past Antons bedtime. We all had a good time and it was nice to be able to take my sister out somewhere and let her have time with friends and have fun like people her age usually would do. She even said “I feel like a human” during our meal because she was doing things normal people do instead of sitting at home looking after her kids and the endless cycle of tidying. Hopefully we will all be able to do something again soon. We are thinking of having a movie night at her house after the kids go to sleep some time. It should be fun ^.^


I’m going to go read for a while or something. I was actually going to write this yesterday but I was too tired after work (and I went to bed soon after coming back from my meal on Friday because I had been busy all day so I was tired). Hopefully it wasn’t too boring to read.


Any ideas of what we could do together that would be fun?


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