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Today, I decided to make scones. I had been wanting to make them ever since we made the cupcakes. I woke my boyfriend Chris up to get him to help me. Everyone else was out. By the time he got up I had already started making them.


I realised I didn’t know how to make scones properly so I used the same book as last time. It said to use:

375g self-raising flour

50g butter diced

50g castor sugar

1 egg beaten

150-200ml of semi-skimmed milk


Its harder making them by yourself than I thought. It’s really messy too. =S


It was his turn to do the dishes though so I didn’t mind the mess =D


You can add raisins and stuff too if you want certain types of scones but I made plain ones because I wasn’t sure if everyone liked raisins and stuff.


I got Chris to help me with the milk. he poured it in while I mixed it. Too much milk went in though and it became REALLY sticky. It was all over my hands and I couldn’t get it off. His mum and sister came home and asked what I was making. I told them and his mum looked and said I needed more flour in it so we added more. She told me I had to knead it too. I had not idea what that meant so I just played about with it for a bit =D


She told me to add a little more while I kneaded it because it started to get too sticky again. I continued for a while and then rolled it out and started cutting it with a round biscuit cutter. The recipe said it would make 10 scones. I got 14 out of it. I probably could have got another one out of it but I made a huge one at the end ^.^’


The book said to keep a bit of the egg to brush on the top of the scones before you cook them. I didn’t have a brush to do it with so I just used my fingers. It was kinda gross touching raw egg. I had preheated the oven to 150 degrees. It was supposed to be 200 degrees but I have a  fan assisted oven so I turned it down a bit. I popped them in for 10 minutes and they were done ^.^


I wasn’t sure if they would turn out well but I am pretty pleased with the results. They looked good. Chris came in and asked for 2 straight away. He made us both a cup of tea and I got the scones for him. He only wanted butter on his but I had jam on mine. I wondered if they would taste nice. As I came back into our living room I heard him say to one of his friends over mumble that they tasted lovely.


YAY \(^.^)/


I know the picture isn’t very good but it was on my Blackberry (which does not work properly at all any more)


I’m glad my scones were a success. Maybe I’ll try cookies next time. What do you think?


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