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I’m Back!

I mentioned before that my laptop charger broke. Well, just after making that post my laptop ran out of battery so I haven’t been able to watch anime, read manga, listen to my music nor anything else. ><


I really was going out of my mind with boredom. It really made me realise just how much I rely on my laptop. I had NOTHING to do when I came home from work and then to make it worse, I was off work yesterday and today. I ended up going through some of my clothes and chucked so many things out. I even started dusting our living room and bedroom after 1AM.


I did get to go to my sister’s house and spend time with her and my nephews though which was fun ^.^ We went to town too and got some clothes.


I was a bit sneaky and got up without waking Chris. Why? So I could use his computer to watch a bit of anime. I only got to watch a couple of episodes but it made me happy. I really am an addict =D


This morning the laptop he ordered for himself (so that he wouldn’t take mine to his classes) arrived. It’s actually quite a nice laptop…the buttons are spaced out a bit though which I don’t really like but I can’t complain since I get to use it until my charger arrives. He set it up and asked if I wanted it. He had the internet open and all so I could start watching anime. How nice =]


I do like how I get to use this laptop and I’m happy I get to sit and watch 4 days worth of anime but I hope my charger arrives soon so I can go back on my laptop ><


It’s so nice to be back though (^.^)


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