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Today I have been confused because I keep thinking it’s Saturday. Yesterday I completely forgot what day it was too.

I think it’s because I have had 2 early days of work (Wednesday and Thursday I worked 7-11AM) which left me a lot of free time and when I napped yesterday I woke up thinking I was in a new day.

I was off work today so it felt like the weekend and I have to keep checking what day it is…I’m glad it’s Friday though because if it really was Saturday I would have missed work (I only realised that earlier)
Lets hope tomorrow I remember its Saturday and that I have to work. It would suck if I missed it…I would end up getting a call from work to ask why I haven’t turned up ><

That’s happened before actually. I was only awake and my boss called asking why I wasn’t in and I was confused because when I checked the rota a couple of days before it showed I was off…turns out the rota had been changed after I left work the day I checked it and I wasn’t informed =S

I think I’m gonna go read for a bit

Byebye (^.^)/


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