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Gosford Castle

Hi ^.^

Last night I decided to look online to see what Gosford Castle looks like now as it has been being worked on for a couple of years. I wanted to see if there were any photos of what it was like inside.

For years I had been thinking if I were ever to get married I would like to be married there because I love Gosford and getting married in a castle sounds kinda cool….maybe that’s just my girly side showing =D

The castle first began being built in 1819 and was finished in the 1850’s. It was made to be a family home for the 2nd Earl of Gosford.  It was handed down from father to son for generations until the 4th Earl of Gosford had to sell it to pay off debts.

It was used first by the British Army and then the Americans during World War 2 and a prisoner-of-war camp was set up in the grounds. After this it was used as winter quarters by a travelling circus.

There a lot of history in the castle and what is it being turned into now? Homes. 23 homes are being made in the castle. Each is going to have its own staircase and front door. Living in a castle would be nice but I don’t like that they’re dividing up a castle and turning into homes. I think it should be kept as a Castle for people to see and for events like weddings to be held. It was a hotel for a while but it had to close. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me as much if it was a hotel. Maybe its because less work would be done to it to make it a hotel because many the 150 rooms would just become hotel rooms and many of the rooms were already bedrooms so it doesn’t change the castle much…

Well, its just my opinion. Maybe it will be nice inside when it is all homes, who knows.

File:Gosford Castle 3.jpg

Look at the huge court yard!

If you want to know more about it go to:




Byebye (^.^)/


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