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An Excited Child

My nephew started school yesterday!


It’s a playgroup called Sure Start. He goes for an hour a day for 3 days a week.


He has a wee uniform and school bag. He’s so cute with his uniform on! ^.^


He was showing me his school bag and telling me all about how he’s going to go to school and that he has a blue uniform when I was minding him a few days ago. He had really been looking forward to going so when it was finally time to go he was excited.


Both my sister and I were hoping he would enjoy it and make friends. She told me that when he got there he ran straight to his teacher to show her his bag and gave it to her then went to play with another child.


Today, the teacher told her that a little girl was playing with him and they were sitting together for their snack.


Yay he made friends! \(^.^)/


I’m so happy he loves school. Lets hope he continues to like it =]


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