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I found a video that I like so I thought I would share it with you all ^.^


It makes me laugh seeing the guys in the backround =]


I’ve been sitting watching videos of these dancers for ages now. I think Japanese guys do these cute dances is so cute ^.^ I like Melochin’s videos. Also, Kimagure Prince’s videos. Both of them seem to really enjoy the dances and have so much energy.


Here’s a video of them both. Looks fun ^.^ Melochin is the blond one and the one with black hair is KimagurePrince:


How come it is ok for a guy to dance like this in Japan and it is considered cute but anywhere else it is considered ‘gay’. I think its fine as long as they enjoy it ^.^


I find myself joining in with the dances once I have caught on. I don’t stand up to join in though. Imagine the look I would get from my boyfriend if he turned round to see me dancing away (quite badly) =S


I love this one. I think theyre both so cute ^.^ look like anime characters. =D


I just sit and join in with the arm/hand bits. I really like Japanese related things too much. >,<


When I was watching one of the video’s last night I found a song I like. I just loved it as soon as I heard it. I ended up downloading the song =D It’s called One,Two, Three by Morning Musume.



Anyways, enough of my wee fangirl moment. Don’t want to bore you to bits ^.^’



Byebye (^.^)/


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