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Sword Art Online

This was a real diamond in the rough.

I look forward to watching it every week ^.^

As usual, I like the opening and ending’s ^.^ I sing along (in my head while mouthing the words)

I think the seiyuu’s worked well together and the story has lots of fights which is good for keeping interest. I like the plot. It’s interesting. Getting stuck in a game and learning that if you die in the game you die in real life but also that if anyone tries to forcefully remove your headgear you will die and then finding out the only way to leave the game is to complete it. Wow.  It’s definitely been well thought out.  MMORPG’s are popular so making an anime about one was a smart move. This anime is made by the person who made Accel World.

Its been well made too. I like the way the characters are drawn. I think Kirito looks quite cool. His outfit makes him stand out from other players but since it is black it doesn’t make him stand out too much which really works since he tries to keep himself to himself.

Of course, to appeal to a wider range (not sure if that’s the right word to use but meh) there is a bit of romance. What will they do if they complete the game? Will they search for the person they like or will they let them go?
If you haven’t watched Sword Art Online I definitely recommend you do!


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