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Glow in the Dark Nail Polish by Pink Cookie

A few months ago, while I was working, I came across some glow in the dark nail polish by Pink Cookie. It was a set of 6 colours: blue, green, bright pink, light pink, orange and yellow. It was only £4.99 so I decided to get it.

I wasn’t sure if it would turn out well since it was from the children’s department of the store.

I wore it a few times but at the time I didn’t have a blog so I couldn’t write what I thought about it. Well, last night I remembered about it so I decided to put some on.  All the colours aren’t very visible if you only put on 1 coat. I ended up putting on 3 thick layers to make it show up. I found that the green,blue and bright pink are the best. They are quite bright after 3 layers are put on. It dries quickly too. I was trying them all on my toes so I won’t put a picture up of all the colours. I ended up painting my finger nails bright pink though.


The polish really does glow in the dark. It takes a few seconds until they start to glow. You can see it slowly becoming more bright. It gets really visible in the dark. It actually gives both my boyfriend and I a little shock if we wake in the night with my hands close to my/his face. It’s like there’s something floating in front of you =D

The yellow one is bright if you put on lots of layers but orange doesn’t seem very good. It doesn’t really show up even if you put on lots of layers. They actually just make your nail look a bit discoloured >.<

I said I found them in work but then I realised you don’t know where I work. I work in TKMaxx. It’s pretty good for the price of it.

Have you found any nail polish that was cheap and really good? Let me know ^.^

Byebye (^.^)/


5 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Nail Polish by Pink Cookie

  1. Hey, I wore this kind of nail polish to a Midnight Mess Halloween event in Tokyo! I had to keep going in the bathroom to recharge the glow, though, because mine sort of faded in the dark club after a while. (Maybe it was a different brand – I bought mine in the States.) Strangely, it did seem super bright when I woke up in the middle of the night though – it IS weird to suddenly see those little green glowing things floating near your face!

    1. Cool! It’d be cool to wear to a Halloween event. I might actually wear mine for Halloween.I found mine fade after a while too. What colour/s did you get? I know! It freaked me out when I saw them glowing close to my face.

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