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Today is the 3rd day that I have spent time with my nephew’s. I came to my sisters house after work on Thursday to help her have a clear out (which ended up just as a bit of tidying and keeping everything =D )

I treat us all to buns too. Anton was laughing and playing for a bit while Callum looked on smiling.

Yesterday, I was off work so we went shopping. We only thought we would be out for a couple of hours but we ended up being out fr about 6 hours! My sister spent a lot. She did get stuff for Christmas presents for the kids though which was good. =]

After getting back to her house, Anton asked me to sit and watch TV with him. He took off my shoes because it means I would stay. He kept saying “No Chris”. He knows that when Chris comes I go home and he doesn’t want me to go =D

Today, my sister is away to watch her boyfriend fight (it’s a either kickboxing or boxing match…I don’t know) so I came over to babysit after work. Anton was sleeping in the car and he’s actually still asleep (2 hours later).

I’m surprised =O

Since it was quiet, I decided to watch some anime with Callum. He sat smiling away but he was in his car seat so he kept trying to get my attention. I ended up with him on my knee and he sat watching anime with me.

My arms are all scratched from him now though >.<

I had to put him back in his car seat so that I could write so he keeps whining or me to look at him. As soon as I pause and look he smiles and coo’s at me.

It’s cute but I don’t want to spoil him to the point where my sister can’t do anything while he is awake =D

Even now he is sitting coo’ing and squeaking away. I just turn and tickle him every now and then and he loves it ^.^

I think Anton will be awake soon so I will go and find something for us to do when he wakes.

I think all the ingredients to make buns is here so maybe we could do that?

I’ll post again later

Byebye (^.^)/


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