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Animal Ears and Tails

I thought I would share my collection of cat ears with you.


I wanted a pair for ages last year but I couldn’t find any in the shops. One day I saw one pair of grey leopard print cat ears from the corner of my eye and I knew I just had to have them. My friend thought it was odd that i wanted them so much but I didn’t care. I had to have them. I think they were £5 or £6. I got them in Internationale


I came home and Chris asked if I got anything nice. He laughed when I showed him the cat ears ^.^


I found a pair of pajamas that kind of match it in Dunnes so I had to buy them. Sometimes I wear the cat ears with them just for fun =D


Months later… maybe longer actually, I was going to a Halloween party at a friend’s house. I wanted to be a cat…just so I could wear cat ears. Coming up to Halloween I went searching for a cat tail. I found a set in Claire’s Accessories with cat ears, tail and a wee wand thing. I spent ages trying to choose with pack I wanted since there were a couple of different sets. In the end I went with the one that had silver in the ears. Of course, I also bought the cat ear clips I saw above the sets too. I just loved them when I saw them and couldn’t resist.


I put the tail on at home to see how it sat. I didn’t really like the tail because it was too straight. I went to make tea and had music in my ears so I didn’t hear Chris calling me. To get my attention he pulled the tail and what happened?








It broke >.<


We tried to fix it but it didn’t work. I thought of returning it since it shouldn’t have broken so easily (he only pulled it gently) but then I would have to get rid of the cat ears and wee wand (which I had grown to like). In the end I went back to Claire’s Accessories the next day and bought a different set. It had a tail, ears and a collar with a bell.


I love my set of cat ears. I wear them every now and then. I even wore them to work a few times. I was surprised when I wasn’t told to take them off. A few co-workers laughed and asked why I was wearing them. One guy actually wore them for a while too =D



I couldn’t find the wand thing/collar to take the photo =[


I used to wear them everywhere with confidence but now that I’m a bit older I am more conscious of the stares people give me >.<


I actually have 2 pairs of bunny ears now too. My boss gave us them to wear at Easter time. I was so happy walking round with them on =]




Hmm…I wonder what I will find next?


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