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Winter Warmers

While I was writing about my cat ear collection, I remembered I have some animal hats!


At first, I didn’t like them. I don’t know why, I just didn’t like them. I saw my friend wearing one and it really suited her. I think that’s what made me start liking them. One day I decided to get one.



I spent ages looking for one. I only wanted a certain one though. I was so fussy. Everywhere I looked I just couldn’t find the one I liked. The stores I looked in had lots of animal hats but they weren’t the colour I wanted. I wanted a white one. There were white ones in the shops I checked but the ears were black and I only wanted a plain one.



It was getting really cold since it was winter and my hair was getting messed up by the cold air while I walked to town to get a bus in the mornings for work. I knew I needed something to protect my hair from the cold. My hair is curly so it goes quite frizzy if it’s in cold air. A friend from work told me she saw some lovely animal hats in River Island which is only a few stores away from my work. I went during my break and ended up buying a hat and gloves to go with it. They were both of bears. The hats big on me but it was so warm and it has cute rosey cheeks. It was £20 I think. Seems a lot of money to spend on a hat doesn’t it? The gloves were £15 but I loved them so I got them.


I continued looking for the hat I wanted online and came across animal hats on eBay. I didn’t see the one I wanted but I did find a tiger hat that I liked. In the end I got my sister to order it for me and I gave her the money. That was the 2nd hat for me. It wasn’t too expensive though so I was happy enough. It fits much better. It actually fits my nephew too =D He took it off my head one day and tried to put it on his own. It kind of suits him. It’s a unisex hat btw.



Not long after getting that hat I went shopping with my sister and nephew. We decided to go into a shop that sells so many lovely clothes (I could spend ages in there trying stuff on but I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear most of the stuff because I don’t go out drinking). She wanted to look at their accessories so I went over with her.



The hat I wanted was there!


I was so happy! I bought it without hesitation. I’m so glad we went in because I hadn’t thought of looking in there for a hat. It was pure white with white ears


Finally I got the hat I had been searching for for months \(^.^)/


Would you wear these cute hats?







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