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I have mentioned before that I like manga and want to have a library of manga in the future. Well, Here is my collection so far!



I ran out of room at the top of the wardrobe (tha empty space usually has teddies on it) so I have another pile in the corner of the room.:


 Sorry for the bad quality…my phone camera sucks (and my hand is shakey)


There are a few anime DVDs mixed in there but it is mainly manga ^.^’



I have quite a lot don’t I?



I spent some of my first paycheck on manga. I bought the whole Special A series.


Chris buys me £100 worth of manga/anime for my birthday and then another £100 worth at Christmas.


I make a list on Amazon and then he orders them. I’m pretty lucky ^.^



Some of my favourite’s are:


Black Bird

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Dengeki Daisy

Special A

Ao No Exorcist

Death Note



I have so many that I love but if I sat naming them all I would be here for a whole day =D


I want to add Happy Café to my collection but finding it is difficult. Some manga’s are hard to find now and even when I find them they are quite expensive >.<


Oh well, they’re worth the money.


Every now and then I go to Forbidden Planet in Belfast to buy some. Sometimes I find new ones to read there.



Do you know any good manga or anime that you could recommend for me? I like all types =]



Byebye (^.^)/


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