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Just Showing My Appreciation

As i was taking the photos of my manga collection the other day, I realised how lucky I am to have a nice boyfriend.


He has bought me many things over the years such as teddies, iPod shuffle, perfume, phones (more than 1 because I break phones easily…clumsy me) a Wii, Wii Fit, large flat screen T.V and stand, DVD player for my anime….


He got me a wee suprise Valentines day present this year. It was a cool necklace. It’s a lego heart that pulls in half so you can give one to someone (it had 2 chains) It’s cool. It took me ages to pull it apart though. We stared to doubt that it was even supposed to come apart =D


I gave him the other half; even though he won’t wear it…who else would I give it to?


We bought a double bed one year as my present for him too. Oh, the T.V and stand


Oh I don’t just like him because he buys me stuff btw.

He’s nice to me and we get along well (most of the time) and he lets me do what I like. He actually tells me to go see my friends if I haven’t seen them in a while. He’s like “go, have fun” and tells me I look nice in whatever I decide to wear.


He isn’t afraid to tell me he doesn’t like something though…found that out when I dyed my hair years ago =D


He said I looked like a clown when I had pink and blue in my hair (which changed to blue and purple and pink, greeny blue and pink, purple…it changed every 2 weeks because it was crazy colour dye which washes out quickly). But when I dyed my hair black (after ignoring him when he said not to do it) he was all “What have you done” and said he didn’t like it. He still walked about with me when I had my hair like that though (thankfully).


He does lots of nice things for me like cook me food (moreso in the past than now) or buy me a chinese/something randomly, listens to me whine/be mega excited about something and just takes an interest in my life. He doesn’t particularly like kids but he takes an interest in my nephew and talks to him when he is here/lets him sit in his precious computer chair and even offered him biscuits one day. He’s babysat with me when my nephew was younger too and they watched T.V together. It was cute to see. (I was hiding round the corner of the door outside the room peeking in after doing something in another room).


Anyway, I just wanted to take a bit of time to appreciate him =]


Thanks for taking time to read this, even if you found it boring and all “ugh gross it’s like a teenage girl gushing over some guy” (I’m not a teenager btw)



Byebye (^.^)/


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