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Last night I went to the cinema with my friend. We decided to see Looper.


Last time we were at the cinema seeing Total Recall (which I forgot to write about so I will do that next time) we saw the trailer and thought it looked good.


The story is about a guy (Joe) who has a job as a ‘looper’. A group sends people back in time to 30 years ago to Joe for him to kill them. However, one day this guy’s future self is sent back and he escapes with the intention of killing the person who becomes the rainmaker (guy who rules with terror) in the future. There are 3 children born on a certain day at the same hospital and the future Joe knows the 3 possible locations.


From there one I wont spoil anything but there are lots of fights ^.^


I liked the ending but the movie itself I found a bit confusing. I was lost for a little while…maybe beause I was tired. I did like the cast though.  Bruce Willis (future Joe) makes the movie good. I do like his acting skills ^.^


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe. I think he did a good job with his role. He is nice for the girl audience to look at too ^.^’


I don’t really know what to say about the movie… there was a few good fighting scenes and the child was funny at times which broke up the tense moments (can’t say what exactly because it would ruin it…but there was a scene where the child was just so casual during  tense moment which I liked).


If you want to see it, I would suggest you are fully awake and really pay attention to understand it fully.


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