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Shopping Trip

While I was shopping with my sister last week I found some cool socks!


You might think “Socks? It’s just socks what’s so cool about them?”





They have animals at the bottom of them!





I already had a pair of socks with frogs at the bottom but I couldn’t find them anywhere for ages. I thought I had accidentally thrown them out =[


It’s ok, Chris’ mummy found them one day and put them in the bedroom. Yay me \(^.^)/



I’m easily pleased ^.^’


I also bought socks with cows at the bottom but I wore those the day I took the photo. Oh, the wee cupcakes have smiley faces on. They’re cute ^.^


I bought the owl, cupcakes and mint socks with the panda in Internationale. It was 3 for £4. I had a bit of a hard time choosing because they had so many cute socks. The cow, panda and giraffe socks in Matalan for £1 each.


I had needed socks anyway so I’m glad I found nice ones.



Oh, we also went into H+M. Straight away I found a cute top.





My sister said it was my kinda style. She knows to look at things if I would wear it or not. Her style is pretty easy to spot in shops too.


She bought herself an outfit for going out to a match her boyfriend was fighting in (which I mentioned in my post last week while I was writing about babysitting)


She looked stunning in it. She always looks stunning ^.^’


You would never know she has 2 wee kids. Lucky girl =D


She bought: glittery gold heels, black legging/jeans, a white top that comes out a bit at the bottom and a black blazer. Very smart looking.


Well, that’s enough for now. Don’t want to make it too long for you to read ^.^’


Byebye (^.^)/


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