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Home Bargains

A new store opened in Rushmere. It is the 4th store that has opened this month: Poundstretcher, a pet shop, NI Discounts and now Home Bargains.


My dad, sister (and her babies) and I went to have a look in Home Bargains since I had heard it was supposed to be really good.


We thought it was supposed to sell furniture/cushions etc because of the name of the store but it doesn’t. It sells toys, cleaning products, the odd bit of household stuff like mirrors/pictures, pet products, food, hygiene products, a few accessories etc.


Wow it’s cheap in there! We were only going in to have a look and dad wasn’t planning to buy anything. A couple of aisles later his arms were full =D


We asked if he needed a basket but he was all “not yet”. We laughed at him. He didn’t bring his glasses so he was holding things really far away trying to read it. We couldn’t help but laugh at the site of him doing that.


Anyway, there is stuff that is only 10p and 15p! Some foods that are about £2 in Tesco are only 99p in this shop! My sister just happened to see boxes of nappies in an aisle. Having 2 children in nappies, you can imagine the amount of money she spends on them. She saw the price for the box and was all “What that’s so good! Those nappies are £13 in Tesco and in here they’re only £8.99!” Guess she knows where to shop for nappies from now on ^.^


The toys are great! She spent about £30 on a child’s chair from a catalogue a little while ago and in this shop there’s a child’s chair for £5 or £6. The chair she spent the money on though has her child’s name on the back. She got one for her 1st child when he was younger so she got one for her 2nd child as a present this year…even if he’s too young to use it right now. We also found face painting sets, Mr Maker products and a few other toys that are all £2.99 each. She wishes she had come into this shop before spending lots on the toys she has bought as Christmas presents (she’s well prepared this year). Her boyfriend hasn’t started buying the presents yet so she said she will get him to go in there for the kid’s presents.


When dad was paying, everything only came to £10 something. That’s amazing for the amount of stuff he bought.


Compared to Home Bargains, NI Discounts seems rubbish. They sell the same types of products but everything is so much cheaper in Home Bargains.


I can’t wait to see all its Christmas stock and gift ideas. I think I will go in there this year for wee bits and pieces!


Well, that’s all for now.


Byebye (^.^)/


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