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Early Start

Good morning everyone!


Today, I am working from 7am so I have been up since 5:40. *yawn*

Unfortunately, I have to work with the assistant manager today. =[ I was working the closing shift last night and he was as nice as he could be towards me. I think he’s realised that if I speak to the boss he will be in trouble. I’m still going to talk to my boss though. I won’t let him get away with his behaviour towards me.

Anyway, I get out at 11AM  so I get pretty much a day to myself. \(^.^)/


I just realised that is is 6:25 and I have to leave at 6:30 and I still have stuff to do >.<


I’ll go and finish getting ready quickly


Have fun today


Byebye (^.^)/


15 thoughts on “Early Start

    1. I didn’t really mind because it meant I had the rest of the day to do whatever I wanted. Haha, I know why he was being so nice. The human resources manager was in and he might have panicked incase i spoke to him =]. I didn’t though. I want to talk to my boss about it and get it sorted that way so that it wont cause a problem for my boss because I like him. I was lucky. I wasn’t late \(^.^)/ Got there just as others were arriving and nobody had arrived to open the shop yet for us to get in so yay me. =D

      1. i know what you mean i start at 4.30pm to 8.30 now i will be waiting around all day just to go to flipping work =O_O= awwww that was nice of you nattan i like my boss to ❤ some people are just hard to deal with whats his prob? HAHAH you must be a ninja LOL thats why i love sunndays … the shop doesn't open till 1pm HeHe xox.

      2. I’m starting work from 2-6 today. I have to leave at 10 to 1 (in the pouring rain) to walk 20 minutes to get to town to get the bus to my work. I phoned my boss the othe day to try to explain what happened but he couldn’t understand because I was trying to say everything at once so he is gonna talk to me today but he has already had a word with the assistant manager so hopefully everything is fine. I’m kinda nervous to go into work though. I don’t like confrontation >.< I've been in a good mood all morning (because last night my nephew was just too cute and I got home to find the clothes I ordered him had FINALLY arrived…and then I put my anime songs on this morning). It's good that the shop doesn't open until 1 isnt it ^.^ The buses are different though. There is one back to town at 5 to 5 and then no more until 10 to 10 at night =S

      3. no way thats so depressing nattan =T_T= nawww i hate getting wet and all your clothes stick to you add having to work for hours and thats a hard day 😦 HAHAH lol talking to fast … never LOL i do that sometimes to HeHe. don’t you worry your wee self hun i have been late so many times and forgot to go in and i got away with it. was it ok did everything go alright ??? awwwwww wee man ❤ i know weeks it takes the postman sometimes and don't let it spoil your day.
        i was just pointing that out cus on a norm day we all have to be in 10 mins early to get started…. but not on sundays LOL. is it the same for you nattan? what thats crazy whos idea was that ..5 hour till the next bus =O_o= xoxoxoxo.

      4. It turned out ok, got a lift from town by my dad. Had my work shoes in a different bag too so they were dry. Uggs were completely drenched. They just don’t look nice now that they’ve dried. They aren’t as soft now either =[ I talk fast when I get excited about something or if it’s something I’m really interested in. Or if I’m nervous =D
        He was in a bad mood and we talked but nothing really came out of it. He did have a word with the assistant manager who said he had no problems towards me at all and I just explained to the boss and he just said at the end of the day the assistant manager does need the respect and I said I didn’t have a problem with that but he did take notice of what I said about not even being asked if I was ok to stay to help/what if I couldn’t get home. I’m gonna just have to ignore it all and get on with my job. I don’t wanna get distracted and not be able to work well (apparently my name had popped up and not always for good reasons e.g. being slow doing certain things and being a bit careless etc…to be fair, I’m always on tills so when I actually do maintanence or something else, I do go slowly because I’m not used to it at all…I’ll have to get used to it quickly to go faster and get my name mentioned for good reasons ^.^)
        I’ve been late before and I forgot to go in. I got a call from my boss saying “Good morning sleepy head” one day =D I was so confused. The rota had been changed and I didn’t know I was supposed to be in so it wasn’t my fault. He just laughed when I came in because he said I sounded like I had just woken up (which I had) when he phoned.
        The outfit I got my nephew looks so cool. It’s 3 of the items from my post about boys fashion. It’s the 3 piece (top,waistcoat,snood), jeans and the belt. He’s gonna look so cool. \(*o*)/
        Yea we usually have to be in 10 minutes early too. I don’t go up until a couple of minutes before my shift starts though. Nobody does.
        I know, a 5 hour wait is just silly. I would have been able to walk home a few times by then. It would take about an hour and a half to walk the whole way home.

      5. tell me about damn the rain is crazy over here LOL HAHAH. awwwww poor you not the same ehhhh =^x^=
        wow well i’m happy thing when ok flip i hope its sorted then he prob pooed him self HeHe has he been ok with you of late ?
        you must be on tills cus your lovely and good with people and chatting thats why ❤ ❤ _> but hey a new year soon and a new start …. it gets wiped every year (are time keeping skills lol).
        nawwwwwwwwwwww so cute awww HeHe he so will ❤ ❤
        i know 10 mins my bum …. more like on the dot for me … bad me HeHe. no way nattan most likey in the rain to …. crazy =\^O^/= xoxoxo.

  1. Ehm…he only speaks to me if he absolutely has to. Other than that he hasn’t spoken to me. ^.^’ He probably did panic. I haven’t made an effort to speak to him either though…I’m happy enough to just get on with my job and forget about him. It will just take a while for us to get back to speaking normally. I am on tills…lots. I love tills. I used to hate them because my very first customer was horrible to me and I didn’t have confidence on them but now I work away happy as anything. Ahaha good job the time keeping skills get wiped every year.
    My nephew really is a wee cutie. I can’t wait to see him in the outfit.
    Haha, I end up going in 15 or 20 minutes early because of my bus, I get to sit and talk to everyone else who is starting at the same time as me, for a while, I’m off until Thursday now.
    Yea, probably would end up raining if I was to walk home from work. I always bring an umbrella with me though. I’ve learnt my lesson about not taking one with me.

    1. sounds good to me you don’t want him taking up your time if he only wants to talk to you so he doesn’t come across as a big fart face smelly poo poo bum =O_O= …. awww nattan HeHe you love being on tills and how could anyone be mean to you, your so lovely and sweet =^X^= how very dare they ❤ ❤ <3.
      it is LOL.
      HAHA sounds fun …. =T_T= tho 15 more mins in bed sounds fun to.on thursday i'm going to work with my bf he got a job =\^O^/= and the boss says i can come up and sit with him whenever i want 🙂 i keep a umbrella in my bag to its well needed over here xoxox.

      1. Haha yea. I do love tills. Aww Thanks ^.^ You’re really kind =]
        The day passes more quickly when I’m on tills. Do you do tills?
        Oh really! Sounds fun! What kind of job did he get? His boss sounds nice because you’re allowed to go sit with your bf whenever you feel like it.
        Yea, it’s always needed here. It could be so sunny one minute and the next its pouring.

    2. =^///^= ❤ ❤ ❤
      =^O^/= yeah i do … i do something diff everyday really mostly in laddies acc tho ❤ ❤ he got a job like his last one FH sports it's a body building shop for gym goers LOL. i had a really good day i watched movies on the bosses laptop and ate so much junk food …. then i cleaned the shop cus the boys suck at it. i'm going up next week again ❤ HeHe xoxo

      1. I get bored of ladies accessories. It doesn’t stay tidy. How can women be so messy in a shop?! Ooo sounds like your day was fun! What kinda movies did you watch? Sounds like you’re part of the shop too then. Boys aren’t that great at tidying…maybe they just didn’t want to because they thought you might do it?

    3. your right that’s why I’m always running around like a mad woman trying to get it looking good …. and it doesn’t help cus i am a mad woman shhhhh don’t tell anyone LOL.
      so much fun we watched ted, batman rises and the new spider man =\^O^/= fun times.
      HAHAH maybe i’m very good at cleaning i clean my good friends house every week cus she is nearly 80 … i call her my aunt ❤ <3.
      oh men =T_T= my bf always messes my room up so i have to slap him HAHAH. xoxoxoxoxo.

      1. Ahaha I wont tell =]
        Oo nice. I have seen Ted and the new spider man. I liked the spider man one. Ted was ok but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Aww that’s nice of you. I take my time when I’m cleaning but it does get done eventually.
        Haha a good slap will do him no harm.

    4. yeay =\^O^/= i thought the new spider man was really really good i knew it would be i had heard only good things about it before hand … and yes it was my fav to _>
      HAHAHAH very true ❤ xoxo ❤

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