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An Accident

While I was working today, I saw a woman holding 4 big candle holders as well as a few other items. She looked like she was having trouble walking with it all so I offered to get her a basket. She said a trolley would be nice. Since the requires money to unlock the trolley, she walked with me and then asked if I could take a couple of things. I took 3 of the candle holders (wooden and had deer with antlers on them).


I placed them in a trolley just so she could get her money out. Fair enough.



What happened?








As soon as I placed the 2 with little antlers in the trolley the antlers all broke off!


I didn’t know what to do >.<


I knew she saw and they had properly snapped off. I hadn’t put them down carelessly. I was honestly careful with them but they must’ve knocked each other a little and broke off. ALL of them.


Next thing, she was saying “Oh no they were the ones I wanted the most! They just suited perfectly for my new house”. I couldn’t do anything but apologise. I just kept saying I am so sorry. I also said they mustve have been perfect when they had arrived since they broke so easily. (They would have been rattling about in the delivery lorry) She said ” well they looked pretty perfect to me” quite snappily. Still apologising, I looked to see if there was any way they could be fixed. Unless they were glued back into place (which we can’t do) it would be hopeless.


There was still the 3rd one I had held which was fine as it didn’t have any bits sticking out (it was just plain) so I told her that it was still fine. She said ” I can’t buy it, I can’t buy only one I need two”. S he seemed to not realise that she had actually kept hold of the match for it so I told her it was the match and she just said “oh” and took it.


She asked if we would have any more in and I told her we get deliveries every day so the only thing I could recommend would be to keep checking. She said ” I don’t have time to run in and out to check!” so I offered the website but still she said she didn’t have time to do that. Again I apologised (I was mortified that it had happened and to be honest, the woman was starting to get really rude towards me for something that was an accident). She said “It’s ok” and took her trolley and said she was going back over to re-look at what to buy since she couldn’t get them now that they were ruined.


It really was an honest mistake and I was only trying to help. It left me mortified and I dreaded the possibility of having to serve her at the tills in case she said something to me. Luckily, the customer I was serving was slow at getting her money out so I was able to avoid serving that woman. I have never felt so relieved as I did when she was called to another till.


Has anything like that happened to you before? What did you do?


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