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Hello Kitty

I love Hello Kitty. I think its so cute ^.^


Yesterday, since I had time to spend before the bus arrived, I searched for a present for my friends birthday.


I didn’t get her a present. However, I did find a great bargain for myself!


I went into Home bargains since they have a lot of different products so I thought it would be a good place to look for a present and out of the corner of my eye I saw something by Hello Kitty.


I went over straight away and looked at it.


It was a Hello Kitty mug for only £1.49! I have bought a couple of Hello Kitty mugs in the past so I know they are usually around £5 or £7 so I HAD to get it. I wish I had bought all of them. There were about 6 and they were all the same and all came in a wee box.


I want a Hello Kitty kitchen in the future (my boyfriend says no way though) so they would have been great as my set of mugs. Maybe I’ll go buy them sometime…my spending is getting out of control though so it will have to wait a while.



How cute is the mug:







It has a wee pink bow on the inside too.




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