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I went shopping on pay day with my sister and nephews. It’s hard to save when I have friends/relatives birthdays coming up…and because I keep seeing cute things >.<


Anyway, I found this hair band and we both instantly thought it was very ‘me’ so I bought it ^.^’




It was only £2 in NV



I also got:

  • A bracelet for £1 in NV
  • A scarf for £2 in the sale in Internationale
  • 2 tops (one black for work and the other was the same top in blue) because they were buy 1 get 1 half price in Internationale


My favourite thing out of everything I bought has got to be this:




It was marked down from £20 to £10. Half price!


There were another 2 Hello Kitty teddies with different dresses but my sister and I decided we liked this one the best because it had a Japanese look about it compared to the other 2. I still want one of the others though. It had a cute pink dress with white spots on it. It was just so nice. I’ll have to buy it if it is still there (and if I can’t convince Chris to buy me it)



Byebye (^.^)/


6 thoughts on “Shopping…Again!

    1. I do indeed. I just added you there ^.^ Thanks, I love the hairband. I just think its too cute =] Hello Kitty is my favourite thing (other than anime and manga) so I was really happy when we found it

      1. yeah =^_^=
        it is to cute ❤ ❤ ❤ me to i love hello kitty you know i'm a crazy cat lady anyways LOL. xoxoxoxo.

      2. Haha you do love cats. I just think Hello Kitty is cute. I’m allergic to animal fur so cats aren’t great for me =[

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