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Taken 2

What to say…hmm…

I had wanted to see Taken 2 because I enjoyed the first movie. I had heard people saying they had watched it and it was amazing so my boyfriend and 2 of our friends went to check it out. I’m just home so I have to write while it is all still fresh in my head.I know I still haven’t written about Total Recall yet…I keep forgetting/putting it off…sorry >.<

While I was watching Taken 2, I thought to myself that Liam Neeson just seems like he is tired…or maybe getting a bit old for a movie with as much action as this one…or maybe he is supposed to look like this since he has already dealt with the same people before. I couldn’t make up my mind.

I enjoyed the chase scenes. I thought it was funny how he told his daughter to use weapons and she just agreed. I liked how she got to drive the car during a chase. It felt like they had just filmed her saying “I can’t” and replayed it during the chase though. She could throw grenades and jump from roof to roof and stuff but she cant drive a car more quickly? It didn’t really make sense.

The fights looked much more fake this time. There were slight paused between some of their movements which took away fom the intensity. I felt that it just wasn’t as good as the first movie.

The movie was a lot shorter than we had expected it to be. We were expecting more fights and just when he had gotten to the best fights (in the hideout) it was over. He shot a few and fought a couple of people and that was it. Next thing, it’s 3 weeks later and they’re all playing happy family in a diner with sundae’s, Kim had invited her boyfriend to join them and they were joking “daddy don’t shoot this one, I really like him” and even the boyfriend laughs. He’s never shot a boyfriend before…. Oh, and not one mark was left on them. You’d think that after a bullet skimming his face and his wife having her face sliced by a knife would leave a scar.

Overall, it was O.K but I wouldn’t advise you to go expecting really great things of the movie. It would be better to watch at home.


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