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Odd Behaviour



I’m so tired >.<


I went for a nap earlier (yes, I nap every now and then) and was having such a good sleep but my boyfriend woke me up (it was his idea to nap) because it was after 8pm so he had about 3 hours of napping. He literally had to drag me out of bed because I couldn’t even open my eyes. I told him he should have just left me there for the night =D


Today, I got up at 6am! Why? Both my boyfriend and I wanted a shower before we went to Uni/work and I wanted to get the hot water before he could =D I worked from half 9 until half 1. I was on tills. Yay \(^.^)/


I like being on the tills. Time goes quickly and I get to talk to people as I serve them. One woman came up saying ” What a lovely smile” and she ended up coming back up with another item later saying that it was my smile making her come back. My boss heard but didn’t say anything. I think he was pleased though. I was pretty pleased that she said it when he was about to hear it. Customers can be so nice =]


After work, I went to the pool with my sister and nephews. I can’t swim and I wouldn’t be seen in a bikini/swimming costume so I sat with Callum in the café while my sister and Anton went to have fun in the pool. Turns out, lessons were on so she couldn’t take him in the baby pool. She had to take him in the big pool which is colder and doesn’t have a slide for him to play on =[ I fed Callum and played with him. He’s such a wee cutie even if he was sick right down me 3 times) and was smiling and giggling at me. I kept getting looked at by people probably thinking he was mine but when I looked at them they just smiled at me and looked away. I don’t care if people think they’re mine. They’re my favourite wee people and I love them to bits ^.^ I watched my sister and Anton swim for a bit and he was grabbing her while she pulled him about in it and he was smiling. He tried to soak my and Callum when he saw us (even though there was glass in the way). They stayed in for about an hour then came to the café when they were changed.


My sister bought us all food. How nice of her ^.^ She told me that she had asked Anton if he wanted to go swimming again sometime and he said “no swim again”. Pools just aren’t as fun when there’s no slide to play in and when the water is cooler. =[ Anton is so funny. He saw a little boy and went right up to him and bent down so his face was right in the boys face. The boy hid his face. He does this to us sometimes to be funny. Sometimes he even crouches down and looks at me under my hair when I am bending over to find a toy in a box =D He did it a few times to the wee boy who decided to hide his face and then went on to find another child. He did it to 3 kids. He did have one child standing up against a wall though while he moved his face really close so we told him to stop and come back. Nothing like personal space, huh =D


I had to come home to do the dusting/hoovering after we were at the pool. I got home and what did I find?









My shoes from inside my wardrobe ALL over the floor. Stuff from 2 of Chris’ shelves in the middle of the wardrobe were on the bed and floor too. I knew what was about to happen and was thinking of quietly leaving again but I was too late. Chris’ dad had heard me. He came in and was in crazy tidy mode. He told me he was doing a bit of tidying and then started asking what we did to the wardrobe because there was a scrape on it. I told him I didn’t know and he asked what we had done to make one of the doors make a noise when it opened. We have been wondering what was wrong with the door for a while ourselves. We don’t know what happened.


He told me to go through all of my shoes and decide what to get rid of and what to keep….and all of my trousers from my shelves in the wardrobe. Why should I have to? It’s my clothes and shoes in the wardrobe that me and my boyfriend share, in OUR room. Why was he even going through OUR stuff in OUR room?


I didn’t know what to do. I was hoping my boyfriend would come home and save me (I was the first to arrive home after his dad). His dad said from now on we have to do all our washing and ironing by ourselves (even though we do put washing on now anyway) and that no more of taking turns to do the dishes. “Why not?” I thought, but I didn’t say anything because I knew it would turn into an argument and since they were kind enough to let me live in their house I don’t want him to think I’m not grateful. He said we were treating it like a game where one person would collect more stuff for the other one to do and that from now on even if it’s just a cup, if we use it we wash it ourself (even if someone else is doing the dishes when we have finished with the cup?)


Finally, my boyfriend arrived home and came in and slowly looked. I was trying to signal no, get out while you can to him while his dad wasn’t looking since I had already been caught. His dad then started all over again the same things to him that he had said to me. Chris was raging that he was even going through our stuff. He txt his mum to tell her what was going on and to have a word with him because he had even told me to go through stuff to get rid of it. At last, his dad left the room. My boyfriend had also been told to go through his tops to get rid of stuff but he just put it all back in the wardrobe. he saw that his shelves had been cleared and that everything from the top shelf was now at his computer desk. He had put the stuff in the wardrobe for a reason. He moved all of it back to the shelves and made all the shelves back to how they were.


I honestly couldn’t believe that his dad had decided to come home and go through the stuff in our wardrobe. When I moved in here it was decided that my boyfriend and I would take care of our own living room and bedroom and that it was fine to take turns doing dishes. After our nap (which he doesn’t approve of us doing), my boyfriends mum got him to tell his dad what the problem was and his dad said he went in “because it was messy and he was cleaning”. His mum even said “The room was tidy, I was in this morning to get something”.


In the past, I had arrived home and neither my boyfriend nor I could figure out what it was, but something about the room was different. His dad had taken down my picture that was on the wall and put it somewhere because he thought “Oh, she might want a  mirror there” even though we have a full length one on the wardrobe…Stuff goes missing too. He likes moving stuff. My Wii Fit had gone missing in the past too. Hopefully he stops coming into our bedroom and doesn’t go through our stuff any more.


Sorry for writing too much >.<


I’m gonna go to bed. I’ve to get up to go find a suit with my boyfriend tomorrow before work.



Byebye (-.-)zzz





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