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Busy Day

Hi =]

I was actually writing this post but then I accidentally deleted it all >.< I had almost finished it too.

On saturday I was so busy! I went out with my boyfriend to find a suit with him since he had a business fair in University and was told to wear a suit. Luckily, we found everything in the first shop we went to. After that, I went to work which was really busy and then went to babysit. I went straight over after work.

When I arrived, Anton was happy. Yay \(^.^)/

I ran about with him a little and then settled to feed Callum. While I fed Callum, Anton decided to climb about. He used his little stepping stool to climb onto the table part of his high chair (he sits at the proper table now but it’s ben kept up and soon Callum will be in it) I told him he would fall/get stuck but he said no way and he lay on the table part of the high chair holding on. I looked and he had accidentally kicked his foot stool away. I laughed and said “Are you stuck?” He said yes and I asked if he wanted help and he said “yes, yes” so I helped him down. He didn’t learn his lesson though. He went straight back to climbing. He went behind it and climbed up onto the couch in the kitchen and then into his high chair and I told him he was a monkey. What did he do? He smiled and started making monkey noises =D

Soon enough, he decided to take the cushions off the couch and piled them up. He thought this would be fun so he started jumping off the couch and onto them while laughing. He’s funny to watch. By now, Callum was finished his yogurt and half way through his bottle. Anton put all the cushions in a row with two beside each other at the back and told me it was a bus. He told me to sit in the bus and baby too. I sat beside Anton, Callum on my knee and we played Bus Journey (I’ve decided to call it that)

I asked where we were going. First stop was the Chinese. “Chinese. Chris hungry mmm Chinese” he said. We went to the Chinese in the bus and once we were there, he said “Here.” I said ok in we go (we were sitting the whole time) and he said “Chris!” as if he could see Chris. He asked Chris to get him prawn crackers and something else that I couldn’t make out. He said “Here, money” and threw pretend money air) as if he was giving it to Chris. He said Thanks Chris and told me we were back in the bus. Our second destination was Tesco. He told me we were going to Tesco to buy food. I asked if we were gonna get anything nice and he said “Buns!” I asked what type and he decided we would get chocolate buns. He knew we had to pay because he said “Here, 2p 2p” and handed me the pretend money as if he was paying.

By now Callum was finished his bottle and had been burped so he was just resting on me knee. I asked if we were going anywhere else on the bus. Anton sat thinking for a bit so I suggested the park. His eyes lit up and he said we were going to the park. Suddenly the bus ‘stopped’. He told me he was getting out and he ran about the kitchen collecting his toys and told me they were all getting in the bus too. At the park i asked what we would play on. He squeaked “Swings!” all excited so we rocked backwards and forwards as if we were playing on the swings. Again, we were back in the bus. He started ‘driving’. He would steer with the cushion and he rocked from side to side as if he was going round corners. He said “Home! Back mummy’s house” and sat all pleased. He told me he was getting out of the bus and off he ran. I put Callum in his car seat so that I could run about with Anton.

He wasn’t finished playing yet! He hid behind the high chair and counted “one, two, thee!” and on three he would pop out and I pretended to jump and be scared which makes him laugh. That game continued for a while until I pretended to fall in shock. He had a cute wee laugh. It made him laugh more at me falling over.After he was bored with that game, he climbed on the couch and jumped off onto the cushions and onto me. he’s gotten heavier now so I had to try to catch him before he landed on me =D He jumped off onto the cushions and onto the floor too. Callum was laughing away which spurred him on. Anton went up to him and said “Anton’s funny baby!” which made me laugh.  He also told me “Anton farted” but I wasn’t 100% sure what he was saying so he came up to me and turned round to put his bum in my face and tried to take his nappy and trousers down saying “Look, Anton farted” and laughed. Kids do funny things. =D

Still full of energy, he decided to play on his ‘ninky nonk’. It’s a wee toy he can sit on that has the Tombliboos on it. He told me he was going to work with the ‘choo choo’s’ as went to the corner on his toy and started tapping the table as if he was fixing something. He came back and said he was home from working with the choo choos and told me he fixed a blue one and a red one. He did this a couple of times and then drove into the walls and I pulled the toy the whole way back and he laughed to do it again. It had me roasting. It’s amazing how much energy kids have! After a while I knew I had to calm him down for bed.

We went into the living room (Callum too) and watched Justin’s House. I was surprised when he told me he wanted to watch the one with Robots holiday because usually he wants the one with the art. We sat on the couch for cuddle time while we watched it but after the Hokey Kokey was almost over he decided he wanted to dance to it. He got all excited saying “Hokey Kokey. Atee up!” He doesn’t call me KiKi anymore =[. Atee is close enough to my name. Guess Natalie is still too hard to say for him. I don’t mind though.) I put the show back to the beginning of the Hokey Kokey and he did it while Callum watched and laughed. When it was over he looked sad and asked where did it go? I told him it was over, we had done it and he watched the rest of the show while sitting with Callum. I gave him supper to eat while he watched it too. He knew not to eat on the rug. I asked if I could change his nappy and he knew it was bed time.

Bed time is a challenge. He hates bedtime even though he is tired. He kept saying ” No sleep” and cried. He ran over to have a hug and I scooped him up. Callum was crying now too because he wanted attention so I had to rock his car seat with my foot while stood, swaying with Anton. I managed to get them both to stop then sat with Anton on my knee, still swaying. I heard him starting to suck his dummy and his breathing was getting heavier so I knew he was about to fall asleep. I lay him down on the rug and got the nappy and wipes. He suddenly shot up saying “no sleeps” then “Mummy,Daddy”. He must not like going to bed while they aren’t home. I told him its okay that they’ll be home soon and hugged him for a wee while longer. Again, lying him on the rug I got the nappy and wipes closer to me. This time I could change him no problem. He laid perfectly still, pretty much asleep so I was able to change him quickly. I had to carry him up the stairs but he didn’t want to go even though his eyes were closing and he was clinging to me. I asked if he wanted to carry his Iggle Piggle toy and I would carry him and said “good deal?” I held onto my neck more tightly and we went to his room. I lay him in bed. Usually he wants to pick the story but he was totally wrecked and let me pick. I picked a nice short book about pirates and a teddy and began to read. Before I had finished the book he was fast asleep. How cute ^.^

I went quietly back down the stairs to Callum who was also fast asleep in front of the T.V ( I had put Peppa Pig on to keep him from crying while I put Anton to bed). Taking this chance, I tided. It’s unbelievable how much mess a child can make. After I had finished tidying, I sat down to relax for the first time all day. I was so tired too. Chris was coming to pick me up around 10 to 10 (my sister was already on her way back when I sat down) so I decided to watch T.V.

My sister was surprised when she saw I had all the tidying done. =D I told her about the funny things Anton had done and then Chris arrived. He knows not to beep in case it wakes Anton. Thankfully. His granddad was in the back of the car so we left him home then went to collect Chris’ dad. Sitting in the car i realised I was hungry but I was just so tired. When we got home I went straight to bed. Needless to say, I slept so well. In fact, I slept until half 10 on Sunday morning so I was too late to go to church =[.



Sorry for writing so much. I can’t help but write lots when it’s about my nephews ^.^’


Byeby (^.^)/


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