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Special Sunday Visitors

On Sunday, I slept in (fom being so busy the day before). I got a txt from my sister asking if I could mind my nephews because she had to go somewhere. YES! I love spending time with them. I asked if she could bring them to my house and got straight up to shower.


About an hour later I heard a knock at the door. Anton had run up to the door and was banging on it. He ran straight in all happy and Callum was handed to me in his carseat along with a bag for toys/nappies/bottle.


Anton went straight into Chris to say hi all happy and fist-bumped him =D. I set callum down in his car seat with Chris and we sat for a while. Not long though!


I had gone to the shop to buy chocolate before they arrived so we could make buns. I asked Anton if he wanted to and he shot up out of his seat saying YES! We sat up at the table and he told me that each chair belonged to somebody and started naming people who live here. Chris, Nicole, Antons seat he always sits in a certain seat at the table here) and apparently I get to have 2 seats.


We broke the chocolate up and I began to melt it while he waited at the table. I heard Chris talking away to Callum in the other room. He says he doesn’t like kids but I’d say he’s coming around. He was sitting talking to Callum and rocking him a bit and if he cried for attention he turned to look at him and moved the car seat so he could watch what Chris was doing.


Once the chocolate was ready, I gave Anton a spoon and got out some cornflakes. He sat patiently as I poured them in then he helped me mix them happily. He gave me a sneaky look then ate a spoonful and grinned to see what I would do. I laughed and told him he was a wee monkey and he nodded, pleased with himself. I got him another spoon since we were making buns for everyone and he dropped his spoon on the floor and then we started. He scooped up the chocolate covered conflakes carefully and placed them in the bun cases I had set out. He counted them as we went along. The first one we made was for Chris. He decided so himself. He sat back and pointed and said “Chris bun”. By now, Chris was making lunch behind us so he said thanks and we had brought Callum out too. Soon enough, the buns were finished and lunch was made. Chis even made a wee bit for Anton ^.^


After lunch was over, we watched:


  • Gigglebiz
  • Justins House
  • Mr Bean (Cartoon)

Squeals of delight and laughter filled the house while we ran chasing each other. It’s great hearing him happily running about. Callum was having a wee nap so he was fine. In between running about, we were watching more Mr Bean. Nicole popped her head into the bedroom to say hi. I asked Anton if he wanted to say hi and he turned round to see who it was. As soon as he saw her his face lit up and he ran towards he looking lifted. He clung to her and she put him at the end of the bed and sat beside him and he talked to her to tell her he goes to school and he has a girlfriend called Louise and that he is 2 but he will be 3 soon and stuff.


He sat relaxed and completely ignored me when I tried to talk to him. I was waving my hand in front of his face and saying “Yoo hoo” and tickling him but he kept his face comepletely straight no matter what. We couldn’t help but laugh at him and I asked if he was ignoring me (still with a straight face he ignored me). Eventually, his mouth started to curl into a smile but he made it stop. I laughed and he couldn’t keep a straight face any more. His grinned and bounced back on the bed.


We played fo a while more and then all cuddled up together in bed. He was tired but he said “No sleeps”. I was hoping he would fall asleep if we wee all cuddled up and he almost was….until I moved Callum.


After a while, it was time for them to go home. I was wrecked again from playing so I spent the rest of my afternoon catching up on anime and reading a bit of manga.


I don’t feel great (I’ve caught the bug, spent all day yesterday in bed and being sick >.<) so I’m gonna go try get a bit of rest.



Byebye (^.^)/


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